Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hippity Hop Into Spring Paint Party...Vol. 1

With Spring knocking on the door over the weekend, it was a perfect time to host A Spring Paint Party!

For this season, I chose 4 designs and painted 3 of them up for samples. However, as you will be seeing, the possibilities are endless when you give a paintbrush to a room full of creative minds!

I chose not to personalize the basket below. The ones who painted the basket put their last name on it or "Happy Easter" above it.

Time to get our paint on!!

I love when younger girls come to paint!! They just jump right in and have the best time!

Isn't this the pretties pallett of colors??!

Oh, and Saturday was also St. Patrick's Day so I threw in a little St. Patty's day decor for some added spice!

This girl has the steadiest hand I've ever seen! Look at the detail she's free-handed!

Some more of the younger girls' work!

And this is pretty little Raeleigh Jo! We started talking about Pinterest and how her mom, Samantha wanted to write "Happy 1st Easter" on her canvas. Then great minds started thinking alike and the next thing ya know.....

...We were slapping paint on that baby's feet! Gotta love Pinterest!

One foot down...one to go.

Clean up time! She did soooo good!! And look how cute the canvas was turning out!

Working towards their finished products!

My pretty family! My Aunt Samantha and Cousin, Ann Marie! (Happy Birthday Samantha!)

The Rich girls! You might remember them from last Easter here & here, or Christmas here, or Christmas here, or here! (And I'm sure I've missed a few along the way. Safe to say, these girls are probably my best customers!)

We had a great, relaxing girls day Saturday!!

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, who came out and joined us! Your interest in my "little hobby" is the fuel behind me doing all of this. Can't wait for our Summer Series!

If you're new to my blog and live in the area and are interested in hosting a Paint Party, feel free to email me at ericaflatt@gmail.com. I've got one more booked for March, one April Birthday Paint Party & two July Birthday Paint Parties! Also, start thinking about all those Summer weddings coming up. A custom canvas would make a great wedding or shower gift!

Today is the first "official" day of Spring! Enjoy!!

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