Monday, March 12, 2012

All That's Been Happening

On Tuesday, one of my best friends Angela and her husband Nate welcomed Anna Ruth Campbell into this world! She is a beauty!! I wanted to share pictures of her last week, but was warned within inches of my life to not post anything on here or facebook before the proud new parents did. I deilghtfully obliged!

She sent these two pics during their first day back home. There is NOTHING more precious than a newborn.

I am soooooo beyond excited to finally have a "niece"!!

Fast forward to the weekend. Stephen and I hung out with our friends Chad & Kate on Friday night. They are the proud new parents of this little cutie...

Meet Yzma...which yes, I had to google to see how to spell that name. Apparently it'a character from the movie, "The Emporer's New Groove"..I've never seen it, so I was clueless.

Chad's family owns a working farm. The works. For dinner we had delicious burgers thanks to the great sacrifice of one of their steer's named Brisket. Poor Brisket....he gave it all.

I have tried....for a while to get a video uploaded on ohere from my phone, but it just ain't happening kids. We danced to the Michael Jackson Experience on the Wii. We had a lot of fun just goofing off. Our lovely hosts practice some of the songs a little much, because they killed us on the leaderboard. Anyway, back to the's hilarious. It's Chad & Kate dancing to "Thiller"...Chad is TALL and all arms and legs, so you can imagine the limbs flying all over the place. It's priceless. I've laughed....MANY times since that night.

Saturday morning, I helped Sarah & Rob address their wedding invitations. We just had ourselves a little party / assembly line with all the help that showed up! Looking forward to their big day quickly approaching!

I left from there to go to Nashville with Stephen and his parents. We had a great day! The weather was GORGEOUS!

S's mom & I stopped at Trader Joe's. This was my first TJ experience, and I loved it! I'd sooo be in HUGE bad trouble if I lived in a bigger city!

Anywhoodles....they have a great selection of fresh flowers for unbelievably low prices! Knowing that I love me some tulips, the "MIL" picked up these pretty red / orange / yellow ones for me! She's so sweet!!

We had a fabulous meal at Maggiano's Little Italy in Green Hills. Ohmiword. So good! And soo much food. I'm still in a food coma from that one.

We hit up some shopping at GH Mall and then Target!! much trouble if I lived in a bigger town. However, this Target trip was slightly disappointing. I didn't find much of anything. Sad day. I picked up a few little Easter goodies for the nephews and a cute pair of shoes. my way to the checkout.....these small bottles of Sun Drop! Heaven's to Betsy it's been a while since I've seen the tiny ones! And for $ CANNOT pass it up!

And that sweet boyfriend of mine.....picked up Footloose for me when it came out last week!! I'm a huge fan of the original and loved the remake! Now I have the new one to go along with the old. Movie marathon anyone??

Like recent's a little something for your listening pleasure. Then & Now.

Happy Monday Y'all!!

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