Monday, February 13, 2012

Spreadin' the Love

Happy Monday My Loves!!

I waited for the snow to amount to something on Friday night seeing as how it canceled our Nashville V-day date night trip. BOOO SNOW!! I waited....and nothing. Better safe than slid off in a ditch somewhere I guess.

Instead, we stayed in town and had a nice dinner at Maddux Station, then picked up some froyo at 32 degrees (which is quickly becoming one of S's favorite places in town), then finished the night at the movies and watching "The Vow". It was good, didn't end as I had hoped or thought, but still a great chick flick!

The boy showed up with these pretties!!

My favorite!!!!!!

I racked my brain on what to get him, and the only thing I thought of was something I have been dead set against since day one. Before I knew what was going on, I was purchasing this....

Yep, we're now the proud owners of this Keurig machine. It's growing on me. I still think the fad is all conspiracy. Case in point, I had this thing make me up a hot cup of goodness this morning, swapped it over to an insulated go to sip on my way to work and what did I do? Left if sitting on the kitchen counter. Total conspiracy.

The snow accumulation (or HUGE lack there of) didn't phase the rest of our weekend plans. We made it to Manchester Saturday afternoon to have lunch with Nate and Anna will be here ANY day now and we're all so excited!

It was so fun to see her paintings in her nursery!!

And look at what those crafty Campbell's did with this one...

How adorable is this?!?!!

Kayla and Shawn came over from Tullahoma and we had dinner with them. No photo...happens sometimes.

We came back home and worked on getting Valentine's treats together for the kiddos at church yesterday. I used photos from my Hawaii trip and had these little cards printed up at Walmart. I got 30 for for like $4. Definitely worth it.

Bagged up a few Tropical Starburst candies, tied 'em off..and there ya go. Super cute and quick idea, and everyone loved them yesterday!

And just for kicks and giggles how 'bout a little Music Monday Valentine style...tis the season!!

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