Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pin Lovin'!!!!!

It's WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!! And it's come a small flood in Middle TN today. Sure wish I had some rainboots for my walk in this morning.

Some days are hit and miss for me on Pinterest, and this week has been a hit kinda week! Love when that happens.

Head on over to the Vintage Apple and see more great Pinterest finds for this week!

And because bullet points are often the most effective way to get random thoughts out there...
  • Last night I made a YUMMY chicken tortilla soup, mexican corn bread and king cake for dinner! It was my first attempt at a King Cake, and since it was Mardi Gras, why not?!
  • One of my best gal pals, Angela and her hubs Nate are still waiting on Baby Anna. Annnny day now. How long have I been saying that on here? But seriously, any day now.
  • In the meantime, and because she feels up to it, I'm looking forward to a GNO with Ang and some other girls tonight. (Who knows, maybe it'll involve a trip to the hospital!!)
  • My tan from Hawaii is same as gone. And that makes me sad.
  • When I want to see out my office down the hall, I have to lean to the right from my chair to look out the door. Which makes for awkward situations sometimes. I know these people passing by must think I'm acting 3rd Grade Hall Monitor on them. That's all I'm going to say.
  • Pretty sure, I'm taking a handgun safety course this Spring, followed by getting my handgun carry permit. Time to get a little redneck up in here. 
  • I organized all the recipes I've ever printed off the internet into a neatly organized binder over the weekend. It was a proud moment. I found myself just looking at it with googly eyes ever since.
  • It was really great to see my aunt and uncle back at church Sunday. They've both been battling different health issues for what has seemed like forever now. It was just wonderful having them back!
  • Riley has seemed to be attached to me lately. And the selfish part of me will admit, that I'm loving it!, that kid just would rather be left alone for eternity I think.

That's if for today....Grab your rainboots and stay dry folks!!

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  1. Im really jealous you organized your recipes! That has been on my to do list for literally 2 years...that was sad to admit... hahah