Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Favorite Valentines

Hey Gals!! Today I'm linking up for two fun Wednesday series....WILW and Oh, How Pinteresting!

I FINALLY got all my laundry done from vacation and COMPLETELY unpacked and suitcases neatly all back into storage. If you know me personally, you know how big of a thorne in my side that was! But it's over and I feel so accomplished for it. It's the little things!!

After assembling my Valentine treats for the kids at church, S got crafty with the leftover Starburst. Ain't he precious?!

With a little help from his Sunday School teachers, Colin brought me this little heart warmer!! wouldn't be a holiday without two cute boys cuddled in a chair eating ice cream...

and one of them wearing a Spiderman mask. Totally normal. Gosh I love these two!! Even though Riley was heartbroken when he opened his Valentine gift yesterday. With pitiful tears all he could say was, "This is NOT the present I was dreaming about!!" Poor guy. Seems as though he told my sister / his mom what he wanted for Valentines Day back a couple months ago, "I told you what I wanted for Valentine's Day on Christmas morning!!" Good memory that kid has. Sooo..Cupid forgot the Christmas request and the Easter Bunny will be ready!

And just because I love them oh so much! Here's my white tulips again!! Gosh I just love them too!!

And a couple days later, they start doing their thing and spread out in all directions.

My mom, bless her, still gives me and my sister bags of little V-Day goodies and this was the cutest one I thought!! We used to LOVE Hello Kitty when we were little! Some kids asked to be taken to the toy store, I asked to go to the "Hello Kitty Store"!

A guy at work who's a couple offices down from mine sent me this email and I laughed loud enough that he heard me when I opened it.

I've been doing 2 so completely different workouts that they would never ever ever ever ever be considered in the same awards category at the Oscars if such a category existed different work outs, and I'm feeling the difference. And by difference I mean soreness in places that have never hurt before. 

via Google images

Insanity Kicks. My. Tail. but I'm fairly certain that's the point of it, right? Choosing Bethenny Frankel's workout, well...that was a bandwagon choice. I'm a fan of hers, and I knew she wouldn't endorse something that was out of this world difficult, yet it would still be effective. She makes me laugh..even during the workout. And personally, I think a good laugh is a necessity when a girl is sweatin' like a hog and feelin' like a fool.

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Now for some of my favorite Pins this week!!!!!!!

This one has just made me laugh. Alot.

This is Yogurt Bar is a great idea for brunches, bridal or baby showers!

Great site for various gift basket ideas..

I love bows. The bigger the better. I hope and pray the dear Lord has a daughter in mind for me one day!

You can play along with WILW at Jamie's Blog and Oh How Pinteresting at the Vintage Apple!

Here's a sneak peak for those of you who keep up with my painting gig!

There's a certain Sesame Street quality to them, don't ya think?

Spring Paint Parties are starting to book! Get yours on my calendar soon!

Have a fabulous Wednesday Ladies!!

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  1. Omg!!!! I about died laughing at the text pin! HAHAHA!!!!

    & what a cute blog you have! Love the title.