Friday, January 20, 2012

Waiting on Anna - Part 3

Last weekend, more of Angela's friends gathered to celebrate the upcoming birth of Miss Anna Ruth. Here are some deets..

This cake was soo yummy!

Angela racked up some more goods to take back to Manchester.

And, there was my gift. (See the blog post below this one for more on this cute idea!)

Nate's mom made her these apron-like contraptions called "hooter hiders" (HA). She can throw this around her neck when she gets ready to breastfeed and still stay covered up. The top part sticks out so that she can still look down and see the baby's face. WHAT WILL they think of next??!

Another inside joke / gag gift.

Originally, our hostesses Emily and Krista asked me paint a canvas so that everyone could write on it well wishes for Anna. However, it turned out so dang cute, none of them (Angela included) could bring themselves to write on it when the time came! I will admit, this did not hurt my feelings at all. 

Instead of your traditional baby shower games, Emily & KB had onesies for us to decorate.

It was so fun to see how they all turned out!

Yours truly whipped up this beaut.

Mrs. Kaye (Angela's Mom), Ang & Mrs. Ruth (Nate's Mom). Baby Anna will be the first grandchild for both families!! All together now...SPOILED!

Angela with her life-long friends and our wonderful hostesses, Krista and Emily

I'm so excited to meet Anna soon!

The aftermath

Emily & KB sent everyone on their way with these cute cookie favors! They were pretty tasty too!! true Angela form, here's one final shot of our mommy-to-be.

Friends, she does not disappoint. I love her so.

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