Thursday, January 19, 2012

Waiting on Anna - Part 2

I know, I know...I've posted this next picture about 17 times already, but I just LOVE it so! Amy took all the pics from the shower and she did a wonderful job. This one just happens to be my favorite.

Next up, was making these cute monthly birthday onesies. I've been seeing these on different blogs and on Etsy and have been dying to do this as a gift for someone! They turned out so wonderful! First you need 12 onesies in the appropriate sizes.

Then you'll need some cute stickers to signify each month of baby's first year! I got these from the super cute Etsy store, Buddha Bellies.

Then, slap these suckers on the onesies.

The point of this gift is so that the mommy can take pictures of her baby each month and at the end of the first year, you can look back and see how much the baby grows month to month.

Roll 'em up and package them all up really cute!

Next up, canvas #2, even though you already saw it in the previous pictures....

This one was designed to match Anna's bedding and I am in LOVE with how it turned out!! Below is Anna's bedding.
I just love all the dainty little details and I also love the mix of Pinks and Red. I would've never thought about pairing these two together, but they work sooooo sooooo well!

Come back tomorrow for Part 3 of Waiting on Anna!!

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