Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Waiting on Anna - Part 1

My very very very dear dear dear friend Angela and her husband Nate are expecting their first baby next month. February 28 to be exact. This year is a Leap Year. Meaning there will be a February 29. Meaning there is a good possibility this little girl will be born on LEAP DAY! Now, I would wish on NO ONE else IN THIS WORLD to have a child on Leap Day....except Nate & Ang. It's truly only fitting for this overly-dramatic sarcastic couple. If you know them, you know I'm right on this one. I'm so excited for them! And this will be my first "niece"!! Even MORE exciting!!!!

I digress.

Last month, I hosted a Baby Shower for Angela and Baby Anna for our Nursing Girls Group from college. Angela loves Christmas with an unwavering passion so it was only fitting that it be in December!

I made Swiss Chocolate cupcakes and Red Velvet Cheesecake Swirl Brownies

Anna got Angela this cute book "On the Night You Were Born". When she had her daughters they had a copy of this book with them at the hospital and had all their visitors sign the book. What a precious memory to keep.

Angela has this odd fascination with all things Hannukah, so on the invite I encouraged the girls to bring some sort of Hannukah gag gift if they could find one. Beki....did not disappoint!

Miss Ali Grace was able to join us again! She is beautiful!!

Annndd...here's my gift.

Saracasm....alive and well and ready for the next generation of Stringer/Campbell offspring.

We had a wonderful day celebrating with Angela and can't wait to meet Anna! She's in for one fun ride!!

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