Friday, January 6, 2012

The Battle of the Christmas Card Holder and other things that happened this week.

Let me go ahead and apologize for the quality of some of these photos. They were all taken from my phone and it's hit and miss sometimes with that thing. This week has been quite productive for me!

S & I took my Christmas stuff down. Sad day.

And might I add, these boxes, tubs and bags are still in these exact same spots as I type this blog post. They will be going back into their homes in my storage room this weekend, but first I need to straighten that room up some. I organize in phases. It's my own version of OCD.

And then there was this thing. The Battle of the Christmas Card Holder. This is purposely still up. Allow me to explain. S hates this thing with a burning passion. Because.....

It sticks out to here (see pic below) and he runs into every. single. time. Just one else. He begrudgingly refers to it as a "monstrosity." One battle over the Christmas Card Holder went like this on New Year's Day...

S: "I see you've not taken that monstrosity down yet."
E: "My tree? Yeah I'll take it down this week."
S: "Not your tree."
E: "Then what monstrosity are you talkin about??......Ohhhhh. Ha, yeah, that thing's staying up til late June for no other purpose than to piss you off."
S: "Wow? Really?"
E: "Yep. You are welcome. Now, call some of my other stuff bad names and see what happens next."

So we move forward, Christmas Card Holder and all....I feel like it needs a name. I'm open to taking suggestions!

A couple years ago in the winter, I started buying these Cuties....if you've been to any grocery store lately and passed through the produce section, surely you've seen them. I am convinced that these things are secretly laced with crack. Because they are THAT addictive. Ohmiword.

Reasons why I love them:
1. They're seedless
2. They're oh so sweet.
3. You can peel these jokers in like 13 seconds. Ahhh-mazing.

Everywhere I turn people are talking about Cuties right now. Facebook, TV, on the internet. Just this week, Pioneer Woman had a post about them. And if PW and the fam are talking about them...then go buy you some! I fully agree with everything that woman says. Years ago, I wanted to be Paula Deen when I grew up, now I'm leaning more towards P-Dub.

I started reading Tim Tebow's book this week. Say what you want about this guy, and the good Lord knows I cringe at the site of the Florida Gators, but he's a good guy. I'm excited to see him develop in his football career and the influence that he can bring to the game, his teammates and his fans. He has an extraordinary faith.

Amy and I got together for our post-Christmas, Christmas. She cooked a delish meal for us and we exchanged gifts. This year she made me some goodies along with a gift card to one of my favorite stores! She made me a pumpkin roll.......SOOO EXCITING!!!!!

Fyi...that's my Bloomingdale's hat I bought in NYC.

Amy was given the recipe to making homemade laundry detergent that the Duggar family uses on "19 Kids and Counting." I'm SUPER excited to try this and see how it works. The recipe makes 5 gallons and average cost ends up being $0.30 a gallon! HOLY COW BATMAN!!!

And never fear....after a three week break, I picked up a paintbrush again this week to start on my January orders!!!

Don't you just love having a productive week?!!

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