Friday, January 13, 2012

2012's First Snow

By tradition, Thursday is "Family Dinner Night" at my parents house. My mom is off work on Thursdays, so she catches up on her errands and schedules any appointments for that day. Later in the afternoon, she will pick up Riley & Colin at daycare then bring them back home with her. THEN, she'll cook dinner for all of us, and one by one we all show up as we get off of work. We sit around one table and start passing the food, catch up on the latest gossip, weekend plans and laugh at all the hilarious things the boys say. It's probably by far my favorite night of the week.

Annnnyways...after hearing the forecast for Thursday afternoon and night, I decided I'd pack an overnight bag because attempting the roads I have to travel between their house and mine, just isn't that much fun when there's ice and/or snow involved.

We didn't get THAT much accumulation last night, but this is what we woke up to.

If you look REALLY close, you can see my cousin Katie way waay waaaaaaay back at the barn out tending to her horses. What a champ! Schools were closed and she was still out that early in the blistery cold conditions taking care of her horses.

An added benefit of staying at my parents' house was waking up to my mom making biscuits and chocolate gravy! I've not had that in SUCH a long time! It was sooooo good this morning!

Then it was time to venture out to go to work. Yippee! Typically I'm a nervous wreck driving on snow and ice, but I was pretty calm this morning.

Now, last night coming home from work.....NOT fun! The wind was SO heavy and snow so thick, you literally could not see ten feet in front of your headlights. Needless to say, this girl, nervous wreck.

So this a typical winter-time Tennessee backroad that we all know and love. And you go slow and ease on your brakes only when you have to and pray that you safely make it to a main road, because it will look like this.....

Smooth sailin'. It's at this point that I normally take a deep breath and calm myself down.

And now, just for your viewing pleasure, here's another order I did back during the holidays for Mindy.

She and her husband have a son and twins - boy & girl. The twins share a room with a Prince and Princess theme. She already had a Princess sign and needed this to finish the room!

Then she ordered the next two to give as gifts to a couple friends of her's.

And, just like my favorite kind of shopping, she remembered to get one for herself!

Thanks, Mindy! Hope everyone (and you) enjoyed their goodies!!

This weekend, we have different plans everynight or day with S's friends and tomorrow I'll be celebrating with Angela again at her next Baby Shower. Baby Anna will be here very soon! I can't wait to see Nate & Ang as parents, it will be nothing short of a stand up comedy act I'm sure.

Have a good weekend everyone! Stay warm!!

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