Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Time is HERE!

This month, as is any month anymore, has FLOWN by and has been PACKED with many events. Here's a quicky recap from the past week.
S & I went ahead an exchanged gifts earlier in the week because it was just easier. We counted the rock on my left hand as my Christmas gift this year and I will GLADLY accept it! But the boy also got me these pair of burlap Toms I'd been wanting.

I got S Kan's an outdoors frisbee type game...similar to cornhole. He played it back in the Summer with a bunch of his friends and he didn't shut up about it for at least 2 weeks after the fact, so I made a mental note to order one of these puppies and there ya go. The confused expression on his face is obviously before he figured out what it was.
 I also got him a couple of gift certificates for 18 hole rounds of golf at his favorite local course.
 I love receiving Christmas cards!! Like big pink fuzzy heart LOVE. Last week was a HUGE mail week.
Among last week's cards was this one from my friend Angela. I'm keeping this envelope with other "wedding memory" items that we receive. (And yes, she calls me Kleedus....long story of how that started years ago.)
I finally got around to wrapping my presents. Now the tree doesn't look so bare!
Speaking of presents, my friend Lorna got a hold of our Proposal pictures and made a photo book with them. LOVE this and will cherish it forever!!

It's become a tradition with the girl cousins on my dad's side of the family to make tacky shirts to wear at our annual Christmas Eve Night get-together. This is my creation for 2012. It's a tad bit flashy but what says tacky more that sequined owls!?!!
More gifts!! Fiesta Christmas serving pieces....IN LOVE.
S's grandma has stockings for everyone in their family hanging on the fireplace mantel. This year I joined the ranks and they had one made for me!!

And one more wedding-related aunt Linda maaaaay be a wee-bit excited for us. She's brought me all of these books within the past two weeks.
We're going to rock this wedding planning gig!


Saturday, December 22, 2012


Today I'm linking up with Kelly, CourtneyFaith (who also happens to be the FABULOUS designer behind my blog) to show off this year's Christmas Cards!!

This year, I sent out two cards. The primary one being my traditional card with my nephews.

The boys are just IN LOVE with baseball right now, and Julie @ Capture Photography thought it would be great to incorporate that into this year's photo shoot. After our afternoon of photos was said and done (and the obligatory trip to Ralph's Donuts before going home of course), I took to Etsy to find my design. I stumbled upon the AHHHMAZING Roxter Designs shop and fell in love with this design with a few minor color changes.
The next card I sent out was a spur of the moment decision. Stephen & I got engaged the week before Thanksgiving...well after I had ordered the first round of Christmas cards. One day at work I had a lightbulb moment (which doesn't happen often)...CHRISTMAS CARD SAVE THE DATES! YES!!

The backstory being that Stephen had hired good 'ol Julie (see the first reference to her above with a link to her website) to be there when he proposed to snap some pics of the whole thing. And trust me, that is a WHOLE story on it's own that I will save for a little later. So I used pictures from the Proposal to create our card that was sent out to our close friends and immediate family just for the heck of it.

Be sure to click on over to Kelly, Courtney & Faith's blogs to check out tons of gorgeous Christmas Cards from the Blogger World!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

We've Reached a BIG Decision

Only 286 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Insert a girly high-pitched voiced followed by a shrill squeal.)

Christmas Orders, Ornaments & Teeth

For the past SEVERAL weeks I've been painting like a mad woman getting Christmas orders. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!! It's starting to get pretty bright!

My sister surprised us one night with this ever-so-perfect Christmas ornament! It will be on my favorites list forever!
 This guy lost his first tooth at school one day!
Then a few hours later, the tooth next door was loose and about a week later...

And S & I received our first Christmas card with both of our names on it. All together now...aaaawwwwwww!!!!
(Sorry it's turned to the wrong side...I've tried and tried to turn it around and it won't stay. I give up & you get the idea.)

Oh Christmas Tree(s)

This year I've put up three Christmas trees. Two being my own and 1 being at the hospital where I work.

Last year, I finally got on the red and lime green bandwagon and changed out my main tree to this popular theme. I went with it again this year and I just LOVE it.
 Then there is my overly girly "I Love Lucy" tree. It's nothing but red and pink and hours of fun!
From start to finish it took me about 3 to 4 hours to do both trees and that  includes unpacking all the boxes and cleaning everything up and putting boxes back in storage afterwards. I say that to say this...

It took me that long to do my 2 trees, it took 4 people 6 hours to put up the next tree.

The day before Thanksgiving was spent putting up the hospital's Christmas tree. 4 people...6 hours. I was the lucky one who got to ride around, and be lifted up and down all day in a scissor lift. I took this picture right after we got the tree assembled and "fluffed" and just as we were starting to add all the mesh ribbon.

The view from approximately 15 feet looking down.
 We used red, lime & white mesh ribbon and large ornaments in red lime and gold.
 This is the "almost done" picture taken from the 2nd floor balcony.
 In the end, the tree itself stood 12' tall on about a 3' tall base.
In the past few days finishing touches have been made around the bottom of the tree.(So that means ignore the bunched up skirt that's just kinda laying there in this one...and my water bottle in the window.)

We just LOVE how this year's tree turned out and all the Main Lobby decorations. While the hospital might not be somewhere you'd just WANT to visit unless you're coming to see a patient, why not stop by and take in all of our holiday decor in the lobby, pick up a cup of coffee at the Coffee Shop and check out all the Christmas goodies in the Gift Shop! All located in the Main Lobby. 

And if your timing is just right, you'll enjoy the sounds of Christmas tunes being played on the baby grand piano by one of our many talented community members who volunteer to come in and play for a while. 

What do your Christmas trees look like? Do you do "themed" trees or just "whatever" trees? 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Tinsel Towne

Recently I hosted a booth at the 1st Annual Tinsel Towne at Baxter Elementary. My sweet friend Kayla came up to spend the day with me and keep me company. We had such a fun day chatting and catching up. But this is supposed to be a Wordless Wednesday post so I'll shut my mouth now.

Thanks so much to everyone who came out & for your support!!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Our Christmas Date

I don't about you and where you live, but here in middle Tennessee, there's a BAAAAD stomach bug / virus running rampant through homes. If you've not had it, you know of about 25 people who currently do.

It's bad. And the flu is starting up around here too. Lovely.

My dad and Riley have both had it this past week.

Friday was Colin's Daycare Christmas Party, since Riley was down and out for the count, S & I volunteered to take Colin to his party. He had SO much fun!

The SnowFall Slide was his favorite and where he spent the majority of the night.
 Then he had a self proclaimed "Dance Contest" on stage.
 He crawled through the "Tunnel to the North Pole".
 Then it was time to meet the Big Guy and see what he brought him.
 He was all about seeing Santa, but he said, "I do not want to sit on his lap. I will stand in front of him. I will not sit on his lap." Santa's good...from a controlled distance.
Santa making sure the gift had Colin's name on it.

He got a Mario car!
Two thumbs up from Santa!!
After the party & because S & I were feeling like awesome "parents" for the night, the 3 of us went out to dinner. Colin was on his very best behavior and made us wonder what the big deal was about this whole parenting thing. We got this. HA.
While we hated that Riley was so sick and pitiful at home (and we spent a good amount of time with him when took Colin home) we really enjoyed our night with our favorite 3 year old!
When we took Colin back home, he and S played a couple of games on the iPad & I cuddled with Riley. Then my sister introduced "Elf on the Shelf" to them. Colin could've cared less..he just wanted to touch him which is COMPLETELY against the rules when you read the book. Riley had several questions.

They named their elf, Eric. (After a character from the movie Happy Feet) I think they'll enjoy seeing all of the elf's mischief in the coming weeks!

**I originally wrote this post over the weekend on Saturday and wouldn't you know in true brotherly form, Colin got the virus Saturday night. Poor guys.**