Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Looks Like...

I recently ran across this photo. It was taken back in December and I immediately started tearing up. It is of my grandpa and my nephew, which would make Pa, Colin's great grandpa.

I tear up because I see what a wonderful man my grandpa is. A loving father, a fun grandfather, a devoted husband, an humble servant of our Heavenly Father. I see all my 27 years spent with him and see Colin's 2 years with him so far. I wish with all my heart I could stop time just so I could keep my grandparents forever; so that the great grandchildren can enjoy them and be loved by them as much as we have been. My Ma & Pa are truly the foundation of our family. I see my grandpa enjoying his life in its later stages and I see my nephew just starting his. I see how tightly Colin is holding on to his bear and how tightly Pa is holding onto Colin...I see love. If you are blessed enough to have any of your grandparents still living in this world, run to them and love on them! Call & check on them as often as you can. Visit with them as often as you can. Listen to them. The advice they have to offer you, while it might seem irrelevant or possibly not even make since at all, will one day be the most valuable wisdom you could ever inherit. This makes me happy.

Then, there's the great grandkids or simply "the boys" as we refer to them; and Lorelei, she's our little girl..next year she'll be big enough to be sitting with this crowd of terrors. Sammy, the one in the white shirt, is actually a grand not a great; but with him being closer in age to the great...he fits with them also. I see happy in their faces (except for maby Colin...he wasn't exactly cooperative that day). I see them sitting on our grandparents' back porch & think of the many years the rest of us have spent in that very spot. I see our family, our wonderful family, in each of their faces. This makes me happy.

Then there's the simplest of simple things......
a random picture message from my friend Julie one day.

Mini Sun Drops at Walmart for $0.50!! It was quite possibly the best text I've ever recevied and certainly was a life changing moment for that day. I laughed when I opened the message because she saw a mass of Sun Drops AND THOUGHT OF ME; she's the greatest! This makes me happy.

So whatever makes YOU happy...(as long as its legal and would make God smile too)...do it. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. You might just find more things that make you happy along the way.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Rich Sisters

This is the second installment of my work for the Rich Family. You might remember the beautiful mantel that held my "Ho, Ho, Ho" collection back at Christmas. This time, the girls' mom, Emily ordered these sweet 10x10 canvases for each of the girls rooms.

Absolutely LOVE how these two turned out!!
It's a special relationship that sisters share; I'm so blessed to have a great
friendship with my own sister.
I'm sure these two girls will grow up to be great friends also!

Thanks for another order Emily! Keep 'em coming!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Party for the Ladies

Our Mom's 60th birthday was all the way back on March 3rd, so naturally the best time to celebrate is April 9th. Ok, so the explanation is...I went on vacation in March, then our parents went on vacation in March, then my sister and her family went on vacation in March....see where this is going? We planned a "Ladies Luncheon" and prayed for a warm, sunny Spring day. That's EXACTLY what we got! It could not have been more wonderful!

Let me start with the invitation....it was perfect. I ordered them from Vistaprint. Their prices are good, their selection and flexibility you have with the layout is good, the turn around from the time you order to the time you receive them is good...but the emails you get after you order...UGH. If you can stand receiving about 10 from them a week...it's worth it.

Now...the food!!

For desserts I made a homemade pound cake, fresh fruit salad with honey lime dressing, cinnamon struesel muffins, lemon angel food cake with raspberries and we also had mini brownies. And please notice my tulips...do you really think I'd have a party without tulips? C'mon.

I got this food tent cards from GreenApplePaperie on Etsy. Soo many options for their design! LOVE these!!! 

All of serving pieces were pieces from Fostoria Glass' Colony collection. Colony was produced between 1938 - 1982. It is absolutely beautiful! I'm so fortunate to have these pieces and be able to pass them on to my own children (maybe) one day.

For lunch, we had fresh veggies & dip, Harry & David's Onion Pepper Relish dip, pasta salad, deli rolls, quiche cups, homemade pimento cheese sandwiches (a true Southern staple) and homemade chicken salad sandwiches, sweet tea & homemade lemonade.

My cousin Elizabeth has a Cricket machine and we made this banner for the luncheon. I looked on different Etsy stores to get ideas then went and paper shopped. This turned out EXTRA SUPER CUTE!!

Several of my mom's cousins were able to come. It was the first time that so many of them had been together in several years. It was a great time for them to catch up, share old stories, laugh & just enjoy each others company. It was a great day.

I think I've said this about fifty-seven times already but it really was a wondeful day for a wonderful lady who I simply like to call "Mom". I am so pleased with how it all turned out.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Buy a New Car...check. Finish Three Orders...almost check.

In between buying a new car this week...(Yes, I finally did!! My hands were shaking when I signed all those papers. Seriously, they were and I was sick to my stomach all day going back and forth on the phone with the dealer about all the financing stuff, and had a horrible headache the night before from all my worrying....Whew! Glad it's over with. Well almost; I have to make one more trip back tomorrow to pick up my new tags..then "hopefully" Friday will be my first day this week without having to stop by there. Who knew buying a car was such a process?!), I'm working on three paintings. I CANNOT wait to show the finished products to you!!!

Here are sneak peeks of works in progress.

All three are for little girls...so there is a common thread. Can't wait to finish them all up & see how they turn out!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Growing up is for the birds!

I'm currently in the car buying market. I've been driving for 12 years now and have had 2 cars both of which my parents purchased. While my current car does indeed get me from Point A to Point B, I don't know if it would get me to C should I ever have to go that far. Know what I mean? I'm in that place where there's something going wrong with it every month, or lately every other week...so is the money I'm putting into it worth it? I've about convinced myself that it is not and therefore, I'm car shopping. I also want the best bang for my buck; and sadly, that's hard to come by right now. Because I'm slightly frugal with my expenses which is making this whole process harder and WAY more worrisome than I anticipated and probably more so than it should be. Plus the fact, that I've never had to do this before on my own! God, please be with me, any carsalesmen within a 100 mile radius, my insurance guy and my banker. Amen.

Here are two Easter goodies that I whipped up as donations for a recent benefit. Again, I'm not the biggest fan of Easter, but I do adore how these colors turned out!

And this one, may just rank high up on my list of all time favorites that I've done. I really had NO plan for this one when I painted it turquoise. Then, one morning I woke up it just hit me. So I gave it a whirl and LOVE the results!!

And because these were being picked up at work, I displayed them in my office that day. For a few hours, it was a bright & cheerful place. (However, my blue office is plenty bright on its own!! I picked that color out for my walls so no complaints here!)

Gotta run & get to work. My Order list has grown in the past couple weeks as you can see on the right hand side and I'm behind once again. Funny how just a month or so ago I was thinking "Maaan...I really wish I'd get an order so I can't paint something new!"

Ask & ye shall receive.

Happy Sunday to all!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Show Us Your Life Fridays - What's On Your Reading List

Today’s “Show Us Your Life” on Kelly’s Korner blog is featuring:
Your Reading List.

At the moment, you will find this laying in the floor by my bed….


So far, so good! There are a few slow parts, but your imagination goes into overdrive with this read. In my mind it’s complete vintage-y circus. Odd but it works!!

This one is also by my bed…it’s next up. I’ve taken it with me on SEVERAL trips now hoping to start it, but I just haven’t yet. 

Then, there’s always a Nicholas Sparks book. This is the latest addition to my collection of his books! Really looking forward to this one!

And from the way several other people are posting, it sounds like I need to check this one out and soon! It’s on almost everyone’s posts!!


And because we're talking about reading and books...I must give a nod to my favorite book when I little...

Hope everyone's weekend is grand! And NOT terrible, horrible & no good very bad days!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Love Is In The Air

I know a thing or two about weddings. I've been in a few. And by few I'm talking double digits. CRAZY, right? I am almost the last single girl I know...but, I am MORE than ok with that...for now. I'm sure it will change.

My friend Kayla is getting married in August and I am the maid of honor. I've had this honor a few times before and have managed to only screw up once. And it was a doozy!! First lesson you learn in MOH school...the importance of holding on to the groom's ring until the preacher asks for it....yeah, that was me on the stage whispering to the preacher as the bride walked down the aisle, "Mike, I don't have the ring." Simple as that. Just shrugged my shoulders as his face went from great big smile to sheer panic. It all worked out though. They got married, I went and retrieved the ring right after the ceremony and the groom was wearing it before the receiving line started at the reception. Lesson learned.

So today, we went dress shopping for myself and the other bridesmaid. I think we narrowed it down to 3...but this is the one I'm leaning towards. This one is also a contender...and the third one was straight out of the box of a new shipment...it's not even on their website yet, so no sneaky peak there. What do you think??  I'll leave the color a surprise...I love it though! We have a few weeks to definitely make up our minds before we have to order! Would love to hear some of your opinions!!

My friend Julie from Capture Photography called me about doing a LAST minute bridal shower gift...and because it was her, I couldn't say no!! This is what we ended up with and I heard through the grapevine that the bride-to-be loved it!! YAY!!!

(Photographer's Disclaimer: I took these pics on the back deck early one morning...so, don't mind the glare.)

This color combo turned out great! The white &  red just POPPED against that black background. Great choice, Julie!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

In Your Easter Bonnet...

I'll admit, I'm not the biggest fan of Easter, never have been. Don't know why. But I'll tell you what I am a fan of...Spring! Warmer weather, green grass, trees in full bloom, tulips...oh the tulips, everything just feels alive and well again.

For this reason, I paint in bright colors! Here's my one night project of an Easter egg. No one ordered this, so it is definitely up for sale! $25 and it's yours!! Currently, it's on display in my office at work. All it needs is some cute ribbon and a new home just in time for the Easter Bunny!!