Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What I'm LOVING Wednesday!!

It’s been a while since I posted a WILW entry…and there’s quite a few things that I’m loving right now so I thought I’d share!!

I’m loving my mom’s quirkiness. Last week, she sent me some leftovers in a butter bowl. (Any good Southern girl knows the importance of keeping butter bowls, sour cream bowls, and the best ones…Cool Whip bowls.) Anyways…this was her little masking tape note on the butter bowl.

Hahahahaaaaaa… “Hi”….gets me everytime. It could’ve just said, send this bowl back because it is soooo valuable and irreplaceable, but she started with, “Hi.” Bless her. I called her and we laughed about it. I compared it to the time when I woke up one morning and walked down the hall and on the door going to the basement was a sign that said, “Do Not Enter! Possum in basement.” Friends, I canNOT make this stuff up!

I’m LOVING catching up Season 4 of Big Bang Theory while I paint! When it moved to Thursday nights last season, I started missing so many episodes, because Thursday is “Family Dinner Night” I’m all caught up and gosh, I just love that show!!!

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My Christmas cards are going out in tomorrow's mail! I LOVE how they turned out!! The photos are by Julie Wilken, Capture Photography and the card design is by Liz Bender, Pinch of Spice on Etsy!! Here's one of the photos on the card! I'll post the card itself later this week!!

I am in LOVE with Michael Buble's new Christmas album, appropriately titled, "Christmas"...Holiday perfection, folks!!

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It started snowing here today!! It is such a pretty snow! I went out at lunch to the post office and driving through the old part of town, those old houses just looked like Christmas cards! Have I ever told you my theory, that every girl is prettier when it's snowing? Well, they are. Each one of us!

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  1. Here's what awful. I actually have so many plastic bowls that I always throw out my Country Crocks. Until Joe yelled at me. Not being a country boy, I knew he didn't understand. He wanted them for painting/paint brushes.