Wednesday, December 14, 2011

There Comes A Point....

When everyone needs a little help.

I do not like asking for help. I’m stubborn about things that I take on myself. Why should I ask someone to help me? It’s not their problem. They didn’t get themselves into this. This is mine to deal with.

But you see, there’s this sweet man in my life now and he saw how stressed I was getting with this painting gig. And he offered to help if I would like for him to. At the time, I passed off my usual thanks but no thanks routine.

Then the moment came when I broke down and sent this text…

“Ok, I don’t do this ever…….but, will you help me paint one night.”

And that man brought his little self right over and we painted. I usually paint in the floor, his request was a table. So I covered the coffee table with newspaper and gave him certain canvases that required solid background colors.

Pay attention to details in this photo, we’ll come back to it later.

We watched episode after episode of The Big Bang Theory and we painted and we talked and we laughed. It was great.


I took a bathroom break and when I came back into the living room, he had this “Oh crap” look on his face. The following conversation played out…

E: “What’s wrong?”
S: “I got paint on the carpet.”
E: “That’s ok, I’ve got carpet stain remover…it’ll come out.”
S: “And I got it on your couch.”
E: “Ok” (Insert sudden on-set of inner panic but don’t let him see you panic, Erica, don’t let him see you panic.)
S: “And I got it all over my pants.”
E: “I told you ‘don’t get it on your clothes…it won’t come out!!’”
S: “I love these pants.”
E: “Well, that’s your own fault.”

I go get the carpet stain remover and start working on the carpet.

E: “You got paint on the rug too….you got paint everywhere! Look at your pants!!! What did you do, try to catch the canvas with your legs??!?!”
S: “Yes. I tried to get it off the couch already. Is it bad?”
E: “No…. I mean….I had the couch made so it’s not like it’s one of a kind or anything.” (Insert an in-your-face sarcastic tone of voice.)

Now, let’s revisit that photo, in it you’ll see the “Spa Blue” paint all over his pants. A can of 409 carpet stain remover cleaner on the newspaper covered coffee table, various canvases that he painted and the look of intense concentration on S’s face. That sweet man!

I think I’ll keep him a little longer!

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