Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The History of Donuts...

When I posted my Christmas cards last week, I promised I would tell you the back-story behind why we had pictures made at Ralph's Donuts.

The donut phenomenon started with Riley and has carried over to Colin. They LOVE dounuts. Especially ones with sprinkles. And ESPECIALLY Ralph's Donuts. So much so that many of the older "regulars" at Ralph's know the boys by name. It's like an episode of Cheers, "Norm!!!" Only it's, "Riley!!!" Local celebs.

At their birthday parties, we have cake and we have donuts. Donuts are just part of our lives.

So needless to say they frequent Ralph's alot! What better place to take some fun pictures?!?!!

I started doing this with the boys last year...taking them and getting pictures made with my sweet friend, Julie, but keeping all the details hush hush from my sister and all other family members. I absolutely LOVED how this year's pics turned out!!

 And yes, they struck these poses all on their own. Kids these days...

I love these two. With all my heart.

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