Thursday, December 1, 2011

Give Thanks

I'm a few days late, but I do hope that everyone had a great holiday filled with family, love and laughter. (and food...that's a given)

This was Mr. S and I's first Thankgiving together and I enjoyed every single minute. I think we figured that once all was said and done we spent right at 30 consecutive hours together from Thursday morning to Friday afternoon. 30 HOURS! HOLY COW BATMAN!!!!

Thursday morning, we headed to Jamestown to his Granny's house. I had met her previously, but not the rest of his mom's family. (I think they were anxiously awaiting our arrival as we saw them peeping out the windows when we pulled in the joke.) They were very kind to me and welcoming...and laughed alot. I love when families laugh together.

Thursday afternoon, we headed to my grandparents house. This was S's first time meeting any of my extended family and he just fell right a pro!

We were blessed with a beautiful day of weather and were able to get outside to make our "cousins" pictures! I love these kids!!

Later that night, S & I drove to Mt. Juliet to hit up Target and Best Buy at midnight for some Black Friday shopping. I will admit...I was dreading the crowds and the hustle and bustle...but S was ALL about it, so that was my saving grace and to be honest, it wasn't that bad. Not near as bad as I imagined!

We did well at Target...especially in the DVD deptartment.

Cars 2...$13
Bambi (2 disc)...can't remember...$10 maybe?
The Hangover....$3.99
Big Bang Theory Season 4....$12.99
Mad Men Seasons 1-4....$7 each.

I got some other goodies too, but that would spoil the surprise of what I got some of my reader / friends / family!

After an hour of waiting in line to check-out, we went to Best Buy only to wait again....but that's part of Black Friday shopping, right? Waiting. Just like at Disney. Only there's no cutesy ride to get on at the end.

At Best Buy, I was able to get gifts on my list for my Dad, but since he occasionally reads this...I can't show or tell you what I got there either. Just know that, it was a good deal! And he's going to loooooove it!

We made it back home after 5am....crashed AND burned for a few hours then started working on getting my Christmas trees up!! YAY!!!!!!!!! This year, I bought el-cheapo stockings from Walmart and chipboard letters from HobLob...slapped some paint on those suckers, attached a ribbon and voila....

I've been buying new items for my tree here and there the past few months and I was sooooo excited to see it all come together! I just love it!!!!

And I made just a few little bitty changes to my Lucy tree this year too!

But that's as far as I got for the weekend...the rest of my holiday decor cheer will have to wait for a later date.

Saturday morning my sister and I had pedicure appointments with my beyond fabulous nail stylist, Marie at Salon Oasis...she's great! Dana went for the Lavender pedi and I soaked up the Chocolate Peppermint pedi. Which was D-E-V-I-N-E. We both picked polish colors from the line based from the new Muppets Movie! How fun!!!!

Dana - The Rainbow Connection

Moi - Gettin' Miss Piggy With It

Saturday night was the Flatt Family Christmas Party...more food and gifts! Yay for Dirty Santa Gift Swap!!!

I spent Sunday with my adopted family, the Burton / Chaffin / Bohannon / Wilson clan for one last Thanksgiving meal...and it was sooo good! Then..I painted...all afternoon....I painted.

They will look much better...just give me a couple of days. I promise!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving! I know I sure did. We have sooo many blessings to be thankful for each and every day! Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

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