Friday, December 30, 2011

Emily #2

I don't know about you, but I cannot believe that we're in the home-stretch to wrapping up 2011. I know we all say it year after year, but this year has just FLOWN by! There is so much to look back and be thankful for. Tommorrow, there is a "Year in Review" post in the works. Check back for that!

I meant to share this with you peeps a couple weeks ago, but forgot to take a picture. So, better late than never, right? For my birthday, Emilee's husband Chuck made this magnetic board for my office at work. I just love this thing! I change out the pictures randomly and spruce it up for different holidays / seasons. This is how it's looked for Christmas...

For a little holiday flair, I added mine and Lorna's Christmas cards and a couple of cute & free (don't lie, everybody swoons over the word, "free") Christmas printables I found through this crazy little blog world we live in. Isn't it the cutest?! I can't wait to find some Valentine's Day goodies to slap on it.

Now, on to Emily #2. One of my all-time very best customers, Emily Rich kept me busy this year! I did a canvas for each of her daughters back in the Spring. 2 for her daughter's teachers in late Fall. This one below for her MIL's birthday in November.

Annnd....these THREE for Christmas gifts!

Let me just go ahead and explain, these were among the very last few that I painted this season and by that point, I had only a smidgen of common sense left in my brain. So much so that I delivered these to her and THEN realized I had never taken any pictures. Luckily, I had my camera in my purse so I rushed up to her office to snap a few. Hence the lovely office chair upholstery background.

For this one, Emily wanted a simliar one to look like the one I made for her daughter, Layah back in the Spring. Go back to this post to see how the two compare. 

This one was a new color combo for me with pink AND blue together. I hadn't thought about pairing the two together, but there's something so clean and soft about this that I am in love with!

Thanks for keeping me busy this year Emily! Keep it up!

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for the year in review!!

Oh....and how do you like my newest addition to the blog? Like what you HEAR?? I've debated for MONTHS literally on whether to link music on here or not, so I'm trying it out with just a couple songs right now. Let me know what you think!! Does it add to the blog experience or is it a distraction? You decide.

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