Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year in Review

Dear 2011,

Because you were nothing more than a big fuzzy blur, I am thankful that there were cameras around to capture what all you offered. 

In early February, the Women's Heart event, complete with a fashion show featuring some of CRMC's finest if I do say so myself.

Also in February, Eric Church & Jason Aldean concert in Chattanooga. Oh what fun!

Then, we all loaded up in cars and planes and headed to the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!

In March, we celebrated my mom's 60th Birthday with a Ladies Luncheon.

Colin turned 2 in April

AM graduated in May.. 

Riley played LOTS of t-ball

In the summer, we spent a good deal of time on DHL. Who doesn't love a good lake day??

On the 4th of July, Riley, Colin & Ben got to be in their first D.A.R. Little Patriots Parade.

Sarah, AM & I spent quite a bit of time together throughout the summer.


Ma celebrated her 80th birthday!

Aren't they presh?!?!

Sarah graduated from Vanderbilt with her Women's Health Nurse Practioners degree. (She was there, I promise, AM & I just had our picture made together prior to the ceremony.)

Wouldn't be a Tennessee Summer without a trip to the County Fair...

I got to work at the hospital's annual Golf Tournament featuring former UT football coach, Phil Fulmer. I love these girls from the hospital.

After a long, grueling day on the golf course (insert sarcasm sign) we got all gussey-d up for the celebrity dinner. Can you pick me out in these two pics?

Happy #1 to my "nephew" Ben Wilson!!!!

Then I had a birthday with the most. awesome. cake. evah!!!!!!

A few days later, Kayla & Shawn got married. But first there was the shower and our Bachelorette Day..

Em, Chuck, Patrick & I headed to Nasvhille for another Eric Church concert! WOOT!

I started doing these Paint Party gigs, because I have so much free time just going to waste. (pick up that sarcasm sign again.)

Next, I set out on another new venture with this Tulips & Aprons gig and hosted my very own booth at the local Shopper's Paradise. And OHMIWORD, I was OVERWHELMED with orders!! When all was said and done I had 73 canvases to paint from October 28 to Christmas. And I got them done. Every. Last. One.

Then, I jetted off to NYC for a few days.

From the top of the Empire State Building to smack dab in the middle of Times Square

Riley-Roo hit, this kid is growing up too quick!

Bo and Callie tied the knot in November..

Thanksgiving brought our traditional cousins photo shoot.

Somewhere between the Paint Parties and Thanksgiving, I met a pretty great guy. we wrap up the year, 2012 will start off with me jetting off to Hawaii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fun never ends my friends!

Welp, those are your highlights 2011. Remember 'em? I do....and I do with smiles on my face and laughing to myself about most of them remembering things that happened behind each photo.

There was so much more that I didn't put up pics from, I only wanted to mildly overwhelm you. Not total.

Your friend 2012 is already shaping up to be another busy year. I'm most looking forward to....duh, Hawaii in January. Nate & Angela will have Baby Anna in February. Rob & Sarah will get hitched in May, & I will get to wear Bridesmaid Dress #14...half way there!!  Riley will start Kindergarten in August (and I will totally bawl my eyes out in the days leading up to that). The rest of 2012, remains to be unseen.

But, I look forward to it all with great anticipation and close out this year with thankfulness for all the many blessings that surround me from all sides....every day.

My cup runneth over.

Farewell, 2011. Welcome, 2012.

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