Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Families

I'm done!!!!!!!!! Last night I finished the very last painting and order for the year! I did it!! 73 paintings...I did it!!!!!! Now, it's time to play catch up on this little 'ol blog and show you all what I've been up to!

Last year, I made this cute canvas for my friend and loved photog, Julie!

I had 2 orders from the Shopper’s Paradise to copy the original. Hmmm…who would’ve thought?!

Brooklyn Jenkins ordered this 18x18 for her family!

So sweet!

Tamera Lyons ordered a smaller 10x10 version for her and her son.

Even on a smaller size, this one is still just sooo cute!

Thanks ladies for the orders! Hope your families have a wonderful holiday!

My plan for the rest of this week is to RELAX and ENJOY what's left of this holiday sesason! There is so much planned for the coming days and I'm so excited about all of it! And more importantly, now I can fully look forward to participating in everything without worrying about what needs to be painted next!

Check back often as I'll be posting pictures of what all I've painted this season. It's ALOT.

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