Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday Randoms

·     Riley’s Birthday celebrations are officially over….I think. With his party last weekend, dinner Tuesday night, breakfast Wednesday (his official birthday) I think that wraps it all up. I still can’t believe he’s 5…more than that…that’ll he start kindergarten next year. Where did this time go??

·     I have had a couple of family members who have been dealing with serious health conditions the past several months. This week, it was great to see my uncle out and about and looking so much better than he has in recent months. And my younger cousin finally had her heart procedure done this week and did really well with it. I hope and will continue praying that their roads to recovery will be short and easy. We need them both back to normal for the holidays!!

·      I’m slowly approaching finishing all my “by Thanksgiving” due date orders. Which is good considering Thanksgiving is one week from today. If you’re reading this as a “by Thanksgiving” waiting customer, I’m doing my very very best to get those done for you! You will be hearing from me in the coming days! After this round, it’s the “by school’s out” round plus a couple early December Holiday Party due dates, then it’s the “by Christmas” round.

·      I desperately want to put up my Christmas décor but I’m trying soooooo hard to hold out til next weekend. Only time will tell if I can make it.

·     I’m in love with wearing my boots with shorter skirts or dresses and tights. In. Love.

·     This weekend is the Santa’s Workshop here in town. It’s a local arts / crafts show with hundreds of vendors. I’ve not been able to go the past few years, but Mr. S and I are going Friday night. Oh the things this boy is already doing for me. Not to say that I’m not doing things for him…tonight, I’m meeting several of his closest friends. If you know me personally, you know that I’m pretty quiet around new people. He seems to think that will be fine though, so I’m going to lean on that myself.

·     Saturday we’ll be traveling to East Tennessee for Bo & Callie’s wedding! So excited for this day!! Bo posted the sweetest status on his Facebook earlier in the week. It’ll be a beautiful day I know!

·     I’m super excited about my first out of town Paint Party that I have lined up for next week!

·     When I bought my car, it came with a free trial subscription to XM radio. I said I wouldn’t sign up for it when it ran out. Yesterday, I signed up for it.

·     Started my Christmas shopping last week! Shopped online and UPS made their first trip to my house yesterday with some goodies I’d bought. There’s a great website out there that sends you Black Friday ads waaaay earlier than they’re published to the public. Those have been rolling in daily for a the last couple of weeks. All I can say is Target on Black Friday….OH. MY.!!!!

·     Ordered Christmas cards this week! They are soo cute!!! I’ll post them on here in a couple of weeks with a link to the Etsy store that designed them.

·     I feel like this whole post has in some way shape or form been Christmas related, but tis the season I suppose.

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