Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"That dweam within a dweam.."

Yes, I found a place to quote "The Princess Bride" in a blog post title. And watch out....because I still think I have some left in me.

Two weekends ago, we traveled to Sweetwater, TN to Bo & Callie's wedding. It was a gorgeous day for a gorgeous couple!

Look at him...ain't he precious - and all grown up!

"Mawage. Mawage is what brings us togeder tooday."

warned ya

"Mawage...that bwessed awangement."

"And wuv....tru wuv will fowow you foweveh."


Tired of it yet?

"So tweasure your wuv."

Bo & his mom, Kerri

Colin's favorite part of the wedding.

Callie & her Dad put on a  pretty awesome father-daughter dance.

Their hero!

Congrats Bo & Callie!!!! Thanks for inviting us to your special day!

While we're talking about love & & marriage...go together like a horse and carria....ok, I'll stop before I go into another quote-off. (I can quote songs and movies all day...don't ever get me started. I can't hardly stop.)

Here's a recent order I completed for Beth Slatten. You might remember her from this last Christmas.

She ordered these two neutral color canvases for wedding gifts. I ADORE how they turned out!

So if you made it through all "The Princess Bride" quotes and are still reading....bless your heart. And if you read the quotes in your head (or out loud) in the voice of the clergyman from the movie.....HIGH FIVE!

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