Monday, November 28, 2011

Takin' This Show On the Road

Last week, I had the great honor of taking this Paint Party gig on the road for the first time.

The weather was less than cooperative for my trip to Smithville, and I had heard through the grapevine that I should avoid going Hwy 56 because of the Hurricane Bridge being closed to one lane. Wonderful. So this forced me to take a new route (well, new to me) through the dark and in the pouring rain. But never fear, I made it…safe and sound!

My good friend Laura Hall (Callie’s Mom) has been spreading the word about my little side business and out of the blue one day, a friend of her’s contacted me about coming and doing a Paint Party for her family & friends.

The date that she had in  mind worked out perfectly for me and my schedule so I quickly said, yes!

Mrs. Brenda Colwell hosted the party as a get together for her and her grandchildren. (How precious of an idea is that?!!!) Other family members and friends showed up to paint with us too!

All of last week’s artists seemed to really enjoy themselves and did a GREAT job on their canvases! My favorite part of any paint party is seeing HOW different each piece ends up being! Gosh, I just love that part!!

After everyone was done, they were kind enough to pose for a group picture. There were a few that left before I was able to get to the group picture phase…but you get the idea.

Thanks so much to Mrs. Brenda for asking me to come and paint with her and her wonderful family!! I enjoyed it as much as you guys did!

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