Monday, November 28, 2011

Sneak Peek Mondays

This week, I only have 1 sneak peek for you. Sad day, I know.

Not to say that this is the only one I'm working on. It's not......I guarantee! Yesterday I started 14. STARTED. 14. Unfortunately, those would be really ROUGH sneak peeks and you'd lose all confidence in my painting abilities. Ergo, I'm not showing you those just yet.

I've realized that it's probably time that I start sharing pictures of finished products with you. Things have been oh so crazy that I've just slipped on that.

Let's start with this one....

You might remember this order that I did for Angela Slaven back in May.

This time, she was kind enough to order a sign for her best friend's daughter's 1st birthday! How sweet!!

She sent me a picture of the bedding and I fell! Head over heels. Fell in love with this bedding! I hope with all my little heart that I have a little girl one day just so I can get this bedding. (But let's be realistic, because now that I have said this, this bedding will no doubt be discontinued if and when I have a little girl.)

(photo from

Isn't this to just fall over and die for??!?!!! YES, YES IT IS. Now, I like pinks and all the trendy pinks and greens and pinks and browns, but I just LOVE this!!! JUST. LOVE. IT.

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(photos from

Lord, please keep this bedding around a few more years. Pretty, pretty please. (And please make it a girl if you'd like....I don't think little boys would appreciate this.)

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