Monday, November 14, 2011

The Saga of the Mailbox

What a wonderful weekend we had! I’m still going to leave the suspense in mystery (because Mr. S used that wording himself). But I met a great, crazy family that was compared to an episode of “Everyone Loves Raymond” by multiple people, got my first lesson in Call of Duty MW3 (which I will admit was slightly addictive), and learned the importance of a “Sunday Afternoon Nap”. In some households, it’s just a rule. No…more like a law of nature.

Saturday, we celebrated Riley’s upcoming 5th birthday Batman style. I didn’t take as many pics as I usually do because once again somehow I ended up on cake duty and had my hands covered in cake and icing for a good part of the shindig. But here’s a couple to tie you over to Wednesday’s Birthday post…

1. Yes, his mouth is blue...he had just had a ring pop sucker.
2. No, I didn't know he was making this face.

Back at the Shopper's Paradise, I received an order for a wedding gift with the unusual request that the bride’s favorite color was…..white. Well in that case, please accept this blank canvas as a token of my sincerest, warmest wishes to you in your new life’s journey together.

No? Not gonna cut it?

Alright so I figured..white….white means clean, white means fresh. Keep it clean. But I needed pop colors, so I picked black, and a little bit of red and tad bit of gray and hopefully it would just work. What do you think? Personally….I LOVE it!


Because Barb couldn’t just give this canvas as the gift by itself….she came back to me with, “What about painting a mailbox?!!!!”

“I’m sorry….a whaa…mailbox? I mean, well, I guess…maaaybe?”

“Great, I’ll get one and bring it to you!”

She did.

I will admit…I sat in the floor and stared at this thing in complete silence for a good twenty minutes trying to decide the best way to paint this sucker. Finally I gave up and just decided to put a brush to it and see what happens. This is what happened…..

Not saying that now I’m opening a mailbox painting business, but at least I know I can do it or say I’ve done it.

That was a tricky one and quite frankly, I’m glad it’s over. The box it came in was large and sat in my “studio” by my paint table quietly taunting me to try and paint it. Day. After. Day. I should come to expect such a challenge from Mrs. Alrdridge, really. I’m glad that thing’s over with. But I’m also quite content with the results!

This order, sign & mailbox both, will travel to Hampshire, Illinois this weekend for Barb’s niece’s wedding. You better believe this will be the only gift like this the newlyweds will receive!

Unless there are fellow mailbox painters in Illinois…in which case, allow me to introduce you to Barb Aldridge. She has an idea or two for ya!

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