Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New York, New York

Earlier last month, I had the great, great privilege to travel to New York City with my job. I was just blown away when I found out I was getting to go. I never imagined I’d be given the opportunities that I have received with this job. I am so thankful every day to be doing something that I love and genuinely enjoy and know that it matters.

I was invited to attended a conference in E. Elmhurst, NY which is right outside of NYC. EARLY one Sunday morning, by boss and I flew into Laguardia Airport and as we flew over Manhattan, I was in total shock. Everything you see in the movies or on TV, it’s just like that! The buildings were massive and hustle and bustle could be seen from how ever many thousands of feet were flying up in the air. It didn’t really hit me until I saw the Statue of Liberty that I was really there. On my own…in that big city. Well, I mean, yes…my boss was there too…but no family, no friends…it was a first time experience.

We had a limited amount of time there. Our classes were all day Monday and Tuesday so we had the remainder of Sunday afternoon and night, Monday & Tuesday nights to get in all of our sight-seeing. And friends, let me just tell you…you cannot get it all in in that little bitty time frame.

There’s not really a better way to describe my trip other than with a photo dump and a few captions here and there. So here we go…..

First stop, Empire State Building! (This was after we had to figure out the whole subway thing...that was a trip.)


For $22 you can go to the 86th floor Observatory Deck. For an additional $15 you could go to the 102nd floor Observatory Deck. From all the travel books that I read, it was suggested to stick to the 86th floor because the view was just as good as it was on the 102nd floor..and of course, cheaper..so these are 86th floor views. I love this first one, because of the ESB shadow casting down on the city.

 Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.

The Hudson River

Times Square...we had not planned on going to Times Square on this particular night but were just walking and literally stumbled upon it. It's almost impossible to get your bearings in this big city on the first day. We had NO clue where we were at...no amount of times spent looking at maps helped on the first day. When I say we stumbled upon Times Square, that is no exaggeration. I distinctly remember walking and saying, "Umm..Joe..I think that's Times Square. No wait......we're there."

On the second night, we took the subway into Grand Central Station. Once we finally made it up to the station itself from far, far depths underground, I was in total awe. It was beautiful!! But also pretty dark in there so my pictures didn't turn out so great. Just know that everything you've ever seen in the movies from Grand Central Station....it's true to form...exactly.

This picture is just like one that I took on my phone and uploaded to my Facebook while I was there. Little did I know that that picture, this place, would change my life! You see, Mr. S and I knew each other from years ago. But as happens with time, years passed and we didn't see, speak or run in to each other. I put this picture on Facebook and for whatever reason, he commented on it because he has been to NYC several times himself, not that he was trying to start anything with me, but he was just commenting on it...for WHATEVER reason made him...and the rest is history. : )

Saks on 5th Avenue

 St. Patrick's Cathedral

This was by far my favorite place that we went to and it wasn't even on our list of places to visit. I am so glad we decided to go in! I turned my flash off while we were in the church, so some of these might be a little fuzzy...but you can still see the magnificence and opulence of the church.

St. Patrick's Cathedral has severed as the church for several celebrity weddings and funerals including many of the funerals for the Kennedy Family.

My pictures do no justice for how beautiful this place is! I walked around with my jaw on the floor no joke. In total awe. It was just sooooo beautiful and huge.

Radio City Music Hall

Godiva Chocolate Shop - yeah, I know you're mouth's watering.

Me and my $6 Godiva White Chocolate Raspberry milkshake. It. Was. Heavenly.

Rockefeller Center - my 2nd favorite place we visited...and a stone's throw from St. Patrick's Cathedral. On this day, they were just beginning to make the ice for the famous skating rink at Rockefeller Center.

And, they were just beginning to put up Christmas decor! I desperately want to go back to NYC during the holidays and see the famous tree at Rockefeller Center. Desperately.

Live from Studio 1A in Rockefeller Plaza...it's "Today" with Matt Lauer and Ann Curry.

Trump Tower

A girl's best friend

Apple CEO and co-founder, Steve Jobs, had passed away the previous week and an impromptu memorial was started outside the Apple Store.

Bloomingdale's....oh what fun!!

Men's hats at Bloomingdales...expensive yet dapper. (I'll admit, I bought myself a hat. I tried it on and it just called my name. I mean c'mon...I was AT BLOOMINGDALE'S...I HAD TO buy something!! You would've too.)

We also visited Greenwich Village around NYU and Washington Square Park. I didn't take any pictures while we were there but it was a lovely area of the city! So different than downtown. It was laid back and much quieter. Zero hustle and bustle. And we had dinner at fabulous REAL Italian place..I wish I could remember the name of it, and the funny thing is, is that I knew when we walked in, "well, I'll never remember that name". And....I don't.

It was a great trip. Jam packed for sure. From sun up til sun down we were on the go with our classes or out sight seeing. I think I slept the entire time on both flights home.

I cannot wait to go back someday! It was just enough of a taste of New York to want to go back and see and do more and just have more time there. Say what you will about New Yorkers, and yes, I'm sure that some of what you hear is true about their abrasiveness and rudeness, but I'll just tell ya, we didn't experience that at all. Everyone was very friendly, nice and helpful.

So while by no means am I a pro NYC tour guide, I do feel like I got my bearings. So, if anyone's interested in going...I'm ready!!!

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