Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Day Made for Showers - Shower #1

Yesterday I had the great privilege of hosting two, yes 2 wedding, one baby.

We'll start from the beginning. My cousin, Bo Reeder is marrying Callie Fox in a couple of weeks in East Tennessee. Our family and ladies from his parents' church here in town hosted this Wedding Brunch Shower for them. This was my first time ever meeting Callie...and Bo, well...I used to babysit him and his OLDER brother, Tyler. Let's just skip over the part how this makes me feel older than dirt, shall we?

We had the shower at my church's fellowship building. It's a great place to have events like this for a large group of people. You've seen many of my parties and showers here already and you will see them for years to come I'm sure - we use it often.

Callie has picked a dark teal and mustard yellow for her wedding colors..which I'll admit aren't the easiest to match. But we heard through the grapevine she was a fan of peacock feathers and that color we took that and ran with it.

For our brunch we had sausage balls (because what good Southern shower doesn't have sausage balls), fruit, chicken bruschetta, breakfast breads from Great Harvest, various quiche...and of course, nuts. I'm ashamed to admit this but......there were no mints. OH THE HORROR!!!!!!!!! I'm not a fan of mints, so it never crossed my mind. But really mints and nuts are a package deal BUT ONLY when there's cake involved. There was no cake involved yesterday. We also had a hot spiced apple cider, hot grape punch which was sooo good, and my mom's famous punch. It has no name. It's just known around the world as "Shirley's Punch." Kinda like around Christmas, "Shirley's Cinnamon Rolls" or "Shirley's Red Velvet Cake." Maaaan...I love the holidays.

We had two different centerpieces on guest tables. My aunt, Cheri Flatt made the above pieces and Mrs. Tammy Long made the ones below. They turned out great and worked perfectly together. We used ribbons to make a pinstripe effect down the tables along with tea light candles.

Tammy also made two of the arrangements below. One sat on the gift table and the other sat on the registry table as guest entered the building.

 Bo & Callie

In the building we have these sound absorbing panels that line the walls. To bring in our color scheme and show off some of B&C's beautiful engagement pics, Cheri came up with these. This was just one set of panels, all 4 sets showcased their engagement pics. The picture on the right below was the Save the Date card they sent out a couple months ago. So cute!

 B&C with Bo's parents, sister and grandparents.

 Bo's family minus Tyler.

 Callie's mom and sister.

B&C's moms

With my Uncle Bud, Aunt Linda & Bo's dad, my cousin Steve.

Bo and his brother and sister, Tyler & Abbi have always been really great with kids. All the little kids in our family love them. Riley, Colin & Jace all made guest apperances at the shower for a few minutes to see them. As you can see, Riley found his spot right in the middle of all the action.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the shower especially the bride and groom and boy oh boy did they RACK. UP. on the gifts! This one included.

We are all happy & excited for Bo & Callie's wedding in a couple of weeks and look forward to watching them grow and share their lives together. Welcome to fam, Callie! My apologies in advance!  

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