Monday, November 7, 2011

The Anatomy of My Insanity

Look this picture over very well. Then we’ll dig in and dissect the little  booger.

This is one side (plus another corner that was left out) of my bedroom which has slowly become the headquarters, Administrative offices and manufacturing plant of Tulips and Aprons.

Obviously I paint sitting or laying in the floor…I’ve tried painting off a table but I don’t feel like I can get as close to the canvases as I can if they’re flat on the floor. In no way under the sun, can this be good for my posture and general health of my back and I’m also certain that one day I will pay for it.

I took this picture yesterday afternoon. I came to a stopping point and stepped out of the bubble I made for myself and then…..took a look back.

Mistake…how many times has my dad said, “Don’t look back! Remember Lot’s wife.”  (That’s the preacher coming out in him isn’t it? I love him!)

(And it helps that I’ve had some great cheerleaders of late who have even offered to help me paint if I need it. Let me re-phrase, they’ve offered to paint solid background colors…I will keep you in mind!)

So in this picture you will notice a lot of lime green and white going on. This is where my painting in “like groups” is coming into play. WHICH IS MY SYSTEM AND IT’S WORKING! Toward the left you’ll notice a couple with the same color blue and brown…there goes the system again. You’ll also see my order book opened to the picture of the nursery that I’m trying to match…the yellow background canvas goes with that. There’s random bottles of paint on the floor, my trash pile, caddy with my fave brushes, tape measure, pencil, etc, jar of water to rinse my brushes out, you can see the bottom of the once baker's rack that has been converted to storing paint supplies, and a small bookcase that still has Halloween decor on it. Gimme a break, Halloween was a week ago....I'll put the stuff up soon....I've been a little busy this week.  

All of this (mailbox DEFINITELY included) work together to make up my crazy little life right now. And I wouldn't trade it for anything! Because you see, sometimes when life is at its craziest, good things happen. Good, unexpected things. And maaaaybe you freak out a little that you won't have time for it all or that it all came together at the worst possible time. But truth be told, it all happened at the right just don't know it yet! 

Pinned Image
recent Pinterest find...that's oh so true

Ok, that's my inspirational speech for the week...I'll move on. Here's a recent order I did that kinda fits it in this post. And if you're still reading this, you deserve a picture break.

If you’re reading this as a customer who has placed an order with me, please be patient. These things take time, but THE SYSTEM is working! Currently there are 14 canvases that have been started!! That’s the important thing to take out of this. If you remember nothing else from this post, remember that there are 14 started, really good things happen smack dab in the middle of chaos, and don’t look back...remember Lot’s wife. ZAP…pillar of salt. End of story.

Now if you’ll excuse me……my bubble is calling me back.

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