Saturday, October 29, 2011



Shopper's Paradise was a HUGE hit and a HUGE success!! Thank you all so much for coming out and showing your support and placing those Christmas orders!

If you picked up one of my cards yesterday are new to visiting my blog, welcome!! Pull up a chair and sit a spell and you're always welcome back tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that!

My friend Emily Stebing sold along side me yesterday. She is a 31 Gifts rep so you will see some of her pieces mixed in with my little lovelies. She's got some great deals going on right now and who doesn't love 31?!?! Send me an email and I'll give you her info!

Here's some pics for those of you who missed it yesterday.....

I have updated the Orders to Fill list on the right hand side of this screen. It is as up-to-date as it can possibly be. Here's how I've arranged my list: It is in order by need by dates. I had some specific dates, like by 11/12/11, but mostly were need by Thanksgiving, need by Christmas. So they're grouped that way. Keep in mind even though they're grouped by date, I will paint in "alike groups". Meaning, if #5 on the list is a gingerbread man order and so is #25, I'll do those at the same time - assembly line style. With me?? ALSO, keep in mind that MOST names listed consist of MULTIPLE orders per customer. If I've counted correctly, I have 48 canvases on order! 48!!!

THAT being said, I'm not painting today or tomorrow. I'm enjoying my weekend and will pick up a brush again on Monday. This afternoon is Trunk or Treat at church. I have a great idea for trick or treaters this year!! I'm soo excited!! Gotta go get those put together. Check back in a few hours and I'll show you what I did. It's easy and you've got time to do this before Monday night's trick or treaters!! You will LOVE it!!!

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