Friday, October 21, 2011

A Seat Belt & A Good Manicure

There are WONDERFUL things going in my life right now and the in the lives of those around me! I am amazed by God’s gracious favor everyday and marvel in the blessings of His timing each day.

Can’t help but think of one of my favorite “church songs”. Just a reminder of how great our creator & Savior are and how much we truly owe back. (Click
HERE for Mumford & Son's version!!) “Here’s my heart Lord, take and seal it, seal it for thy courts above.”

But I’ve never understood…does anyone know…really, what is a fetter? When I was a little girl, I thought the song said feather. “Let thy grace now like a feather, bind my wandering heart to thee.” I mean it could work, right…a feather.

Just a couple things that I am so thankful for…

My cousin Sarah & her boyfriend Robert are getting married!! Sarah has always felt like a younger sister of mine and has always been one of my closest friends. (Because family can be friends also.)  She’s gorgeous, sweet, a wonderful Christian example and just a beautiful lady. I love her so. And Rob…he is her perfect match. I believe that God’s hand was at work bringing these two together at the most perfect time in their lives. He is the kind of guy mothers want their daughters to marry. He’s so good to Sarah & our family, he’s generous, warm hearted and a goof-ball…and he just fits. I love him too. So we’re all just soooo excited for this wedding. Certainly did not come as a shock, more of a, well, it’s about time reaction. We look forward to May!

Aren't they pretty??

Sarah, Rob & I after her graduation from Vandy.

Another dear friend of mine, Angela and her husband Nate found out there were having a baby GIRL this week!! They live in Manchester but are planning on having the baby here in Cookeville, so they’ve been driving up for her appointments since they found out she was pregnant. They found out first thing Tuesday morning and came across the street to my office to share the good news!! Don’t get me wrong, I love baby boys dearly. But it seems like everyone close to me has had boys, so there’s finally a little girl to gush over! Bring on some PINK!!!!!

Miss (no first name yet) Campbell - due February 28.

Another busy weekend ahead…my oh my, things just don’t seem to slow down. My suggestion is a seat belt and a good manicure.

Tomorrow morning is the Upper Cumberland Haunted Half Marathon! Once again, my department at work is sponsoring a water station! Last year we did “Like, The Totally Awesome 80’s” theme…this year we’re doing “The Big Bang Theory”…if we can stand the 30° (or less) temps in the morning, we’ll be good!

Lorna & I totally rocking the 80's at last year'a Haunted Half.

Annnnd...a little preview for this year!

Tomorrow afternoon is the annual Anderson Family Reunion. Know what that means, right? Good home cookin’. And visiting with family of course.

Heeeeeeeeeeere's my family.

We're not right.

Sunday is the much anticipated “Christmas in October” Paint Party! WOOT!! Ladies from church, work, family, & friends are descending upon my house Sunday afternoon for a Christmas painting “lesson”. Not sure how much I have to teach, but it’s always a good time to get girls together!

These were some of my favorite Pinterest finds for the week. Like always, my pins included gift giving ideas, things that made me giggle & photos that are just priceless!

Pinned Image
via Pinterest

Pinned Image
via Pinterest

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via Pinterest

This is the tv show I loved most this week, even if it was the season finale. (It’s my guilty pleasure show, especially since RHNJ is over..the Atlanta season will start next week I think, but I’ve never gotten into that. My sis likes the Beverly Hills wives….which ones are your favorite??) 

via Google images

This is the song STUCK. IN. MY. HEAD. this week…but I do enjoy it so very much!!

via Google images

 But this NEW song is the one I crank the radio up for every time…

via Google images

Oh, and I've been painting....ALOT this week. Every spare minute I get - all in trying to prepare myself for next week's Shopper's Paradise!!

***REMINDER - Come visit me at my booth on Friday, October 28 from 7a-5p in the Education Center at Cookeville Regional Medical Center. Also, come bid on one of my pieces in the Silent Auction. Proceeds go towards Relay for Life***

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