Saturday, October 15, 2011

I'm Baaaaack

Live from New's SATURDAY NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

Not's Saturday morning.

And I'm back in Cookeville.

But I've still got a little NYC hustle and bustle in me.

I'll post more on my trip later in the week...but here's a sneak peak..

 And here's a little somethin somethin I worked on recently...

Today's the big day for John & Brittany. These two make the sweetest couple you will ever meet. Ever. John has been my "little brother" for a loooooonnng time and Brittany is a beautiful girl with a beautiful soul. I love them both so much and am thrilled I get to play a part in "coordinating" their day!


I stole these cute pics off of Britt's Fb, I'm sure she won't mind! : )

 Happy Wedding Day John David & Brittany!!

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