Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fun Stuff

Saturday morning was the 3rd annual Haunted Half Marathon. Proceeds went the CRMC Foundation's Cancer Care Fund. With over 500 runners registered, myself and few co-workers got up way to early that morning to set up and man our water and gatorade station to keep those runners hydrated.

This year, we themed our station from the Big Bang Theory. If you don't watch the show, then you're not going to get it. just won't. Here's some quick pics I snapped before the runners came through. The sun had just risen and boy was it bright!

A couple hours later it was off to the Anderson Family Reunion. Ann Marie was home and I was soo happy. Soooooo many people have been telling us for the past few months that we look alike or could be sisters. I don't know...maybe I kinda see it? I'm still undecided. What do you think?

Sarah, AM & I - later on this afternoon, we (along with Jared & Rob) would go see Footloose. Personally, I thought it was fabulous! So many parts were word. for. word. exact to the original movie! I've always loved the original so I didn't really have any expectations for this re-make, but I loved it. Hands down. I loved it! I would go see it again. And buy it.

Then as is customary, we had to do at least one goofy pose and we talked our grandma into doing it too. Bless her. And bless Jared....obviously he didn't want to do this, but like the trooper he's always been with all of us girls..he did it anyway.

The ladies: My grandma, mom, sister, aunts & cousins...minus Libby. Love them all soo much!

Great October Saturday!!

**TOMORROW - You're coming to the Shopper's Paradise at CRMC. 7a-5p. Stop kidding yourself, you know you're coming.**

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  1. Libby had a previously scheduled massage before anybody told her about this event. And Libby was getting daily migraines, so she NEEDED her massage. Poor Libby.