Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Week in Review = Photo Dump

I sit here on a Tuesday afternoon in utter confusion.

Did last week really happen? I vaguely remember last Sunday,  but everything past that…it’s one big blur. All I can say is that I’m glad this week is slower than last and that this weekend is wide open itself.

Here’s a recap to catch everyone up..

Monday & Tuesday I painted…what felt like a truckload full of goodies, but in actuality  it was only 3 or 4 pieces. And I probably made no less than 17 trips to Hobby Lobby in this time. 

Wednesday, Emilee, Chuck, Patrick and I went to Nashville for the Capitol Records Street Party featuring my man, Mr. Eric Church. 

Ok, so the stage was waaaaay far away and let's face it, I'm short. Ergo, this was my view.

 Nonetheless, we had a great time and even tried pulling off one of those "let's take a picture of ourselves" picture. Chuck's there...kinda. We're all definitely rockin' the sweaty outdoors concert look by this time.

Thursday Emilee’s mom, Mary hosted a “Paint Party” and invited me to be the “teacher”. We did a fall themed project. (Later this week, I’ll post an entire blog on this night.) But this is a little sneak peak of how it all turned out!!

Friday I made a Walmart run to get ingredients to make a punch for a baby shower the next morning. Came home, made the punch, painted, gathered all my belongings for the next day’s events and made about 23 trips from my storage room to my car. Back and forth and back and forth. (If you’ve seen where I live, you’ve seem my storage room, because I’m quite fond of it. It might be my favorite room. Although I will tell you, when I first moved in I thought there was no way I’d ever fill that huge room and in 3 short years I’m busting at the seams. There’s a place for everything and everything has it’s place. **Motto for everyone to live by, in my opinion.**)

So I made this punch recipe for a Baby Shower Brunch. I found it on Kraft Foods’ website. It’s a great site for easy peasy recipes for any meal and occasion. (However if you make this, you will want to at least double it. I almost tripled it.) It was really tasty though! Emilee did a great job on the décor. I have LOVED the yellow and grey color combo this year so I thought it was very pretty. Annnd…there’s my punch on the table. 


Everyone is looking forward to seeing Skye & Jordan's new little girl!!

After the shower Saturday, I made another trip back to Hobby Lobby and Walmart to get some last minute things for our church’s Bible Bowl Banquet the next night.

Saturday night our family went out to dinner to celebrate my BIL’s birthday. After dinner we went back to their house for cake & ice cream and presents. 

Ok, so they’re laughing so hard because my dad was behind me giving me a wet willie because that’s Riley’s little trick right now and he thinks it’s OH SO hill-arious.

Before church Sunday morning, I set up for the banquet that night. Sunday afternoon I participated in our local Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Lorna’s daughter Audrey went with us this year….check out little miss..

Sunday night was the banquet. I was in charge of decorating and setting up again. By now, you’ve probably picked up on me enjoying decorating and parties and showers. It’s my thing.

 Remember the Traveling Pumpkins?? Well...this is where they ended up. Told you there was a method. 

Cleaned all that up. Packed and unpacked my car one last time for the week and that brings us to yesterday when I yawned my way through the day.


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