Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Something New & Christmas Ordering Now OPEN!!!

I don’t know about you, but I am officially, 100%, without a doubt ADDICTED to Pinterest.

Goodness. Gracious.

I’ve pinned A LOT in the past few days…lots of ideas for the upcoming holiday, lots of general craft ideas, lots of gift giving ideas, paint ideas, party décor and theme ideas…it just goes on and on. It’s probably going to get out of hand before too long.

I’ve been seeing these Ribbon Wreaths on there and decided I must have one and I must make it myself. I’m too cheap stubborn to buy one from someone else. And I love that sense of satisfaction that I made it. I debated between doing a Fall theme or a Christmas theme….and well, you can tell which one won out.

So, now that I have broken the seal on the Christmas topic, let’s talk about Holiday Ordering 2011. The cut-off date to submit your Christmas orders will be Friday, November 4. I have SEVERAL in the queue already but there’s certainly room for more.  

Here’s what you do…

1.        Send an email to ericaflatt@gmail.com. All you have to say is something like, “Put me down for 2 Christmas orders.”

2.       Then, I will send you an order form (hopefully within 24 hours)…I know you’re getting SUPER excited by this point!

3.       Fill out the form and send it back to me. (If you’re requesting multiple orders, please do 1 sheet per order!)

4.      I will review your order and contact you with any questions. (Nit picky stuff like “What shade of pink? Because there is in fact more to pink than just blush and bashful…name that movie!) At this point your order will become "finalized". If you are submitting a large or detailed order, I may request a deposit be placed before I begin work.

5.       In the queue you go! I will give you updates as I get to your order. 

My plan is prioritize orders by “Need By” dates. Sounds fair, right? For example, you’re order might be the first one I get, but not needed til December 25. Order #34 might be needed Nov. 15. Obviously, Order #34 wins. Make sense?

If I get to a point post cut-off date that I can take on more orders, I will open the queue back up for a limited time & let everyone know. 

Now it’s time to starting thinking of everyone on your shopping list….and making your own list! Don’t forget your kids’ teachers and Sunday School teachers, your Secret Sisters, December Graduates, Weddings, Holiday Party Hostess Gifts, Co-Workers, Babysitters, I could go on forever!!

It’s shaping up to be a great holiday season this year, and I’m so excited to be working with repeat customers and new ones too!! Start thinking and get those orders in!

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