Sunday, September 18, 2011

Post-It Note Orders

I have great friends. If you've read my blog anytime before now, this will come to you as old news. Among those friends, is Laura Hall. She is another one from our "Nursing Girls Group". (Back in the day when I was in Nursing School at Tech then decided to change my major half way through my Junior year and the rest of them went on to finish...remember that story?)

Laura now works (at the same hospital that I do) as a nurse in ICU. I keep the building alive, she keeps the patients alive. Everybody wins.

A couple months ago, she borrowed my portfolio, and when she returned it, she had post-it notes stuck on about 100 pages for orders that she wanted. There was something endearing and humorous at the same time about all her little sticky notes. So much so, that eventhough I've put her orders on order forms, I still can't bring myself to take those post-it notes out. I will at some point, or they'll lose their sticky and fall out....whichever comes first.

Laura & her husband Brian, have a daughter, Callie, and she is such a pretty little girl. I picked Callie's order to be my first on Laura's long list. I love the colors she picked out and I love the way it turned out!

This week is nothing less than c-razy. On top of the full-time job and several orders to get done, there's also a couple of t-ball games, Eric Church concert in Nashville, my first art class to "teach", a baby shower, a banquet dinner at church and I think that's about it... I think. It makes my head hurt a little. All good things coming up though and I'm really excited about the concert, naturally. Oh, and it's free. But we all know I'd pay a small fortune to see him any chance I could, so that doesn't really matter now does it?

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