Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mid-Week Randoms

I told you Tuesday about the girls' day Em & I had Monday. What I didn't tell you was about the most beautiful pair of shoes I found.......and now own.

We were walking through the store and Emilee was in mid story (I'll admit, I have no idea what she was saying) when I spotted SHELVES of these shoes across the store. I put my hand up in front of her face to make her stop talking then I took a big deep breath mixed with a high pitched squeal. She turned around and said, "You've got to get them...they're so you." "What makes you think that these are 'so me'?"  "Because you squealed when you saw them!" "Yeah, I kinda did, didn't I?"

Here they are....

Don't they just take your breath away? No? Just me? Alright. Everyone's entitled to his or her opinion. You can be wrong if you'd like.

They're so pretty and feminine and all around wonderful. I feel like they need a name, that's how much I love them. (Don't worry...I won't name them really.) I found them at New York & Co. Mine are a gold / champagne tone. They also had them in platinum, which I loved but they didn't have my size, and black. But the black ones, you couldn't really tell they were sparkly which defeats the purpose of these shoes to start with. I don't know...maybe it was just me and who cares if it is. I love them. With all my heart.

Same shopping trip, one of my new favorite stores, The World Market! I get so many ideas from that it. I bought a couple difference juices, because let's be honest, next to water, SunDrop and Peach Nehi....I love juices. I also bought a couple bottles and a jar of salsa for an upcoming shower...look close and see if  you can guess what the shower theme is going to be!!

I love that the Pioneer Woman is now on TV! I watched her premier show Saturday morning on Food Network and she and her family are just as charming as her blog posts. I can't wait to see more! It inspired me to cook that night and I'm glad I did because I ended up having unexpected company come over so I was able to feed them.

I am also now addicted to Pinterest. I was confused as to what it was in the beginning and how it worked. But I've got this thing down now! Here are a couple of my favorite Pins from this week!

great reminder

Oh so true!!

candy corn

I'm sure you teacher friends of mine, have probably known, seen or done this craft before...but I just thought it was adorable! REAL candy CORN, get it? Oh well.

If you remember from earlier in the summer, the post about the two canvases I did for baby showers that were alike only one was for a baby girl, one was for a baby boy...well, check out this photo from a Maternity Session by [bc] photography.

I was almost in tears when I saw this on Facebook last week! Baby Carter still hasn't arrived although I think he's past due. Prayers to Josh & (especially) Megan that his birthday comes soon!

There's an exciting weekend coming up!! Some details I will remain mum about on Friday so I'll skip to Saturday; heading to what will more than likely be the last Lake Day of the Summer then a great big family celebratory dinner that night. We're celebrating 3 birthdays, 1 graduation, 1 moving away and a partridge in a pear tree. Monday is Labor Day which means I won't be at work which means REST. At least, that's the plan. You know what they say about plans!!'s a sneaky peak!

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