Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday Loves & Randomness

There are LOTS of wonderful things coming up...all of which I am soo excited about & looking forward to! (AND LOVING)

Let me start by saying HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to my "nephew" Ben Wilson!! I can't believe that my first blog post ever was almost this time last year and it was about his arrival into our world! It's absolutely flown by! He is loved.....probably waaaay to much, but is that really possible? His birthday bash is Saturday...definitely will be posting on that next week.

Couldn't you just pinch those little cheeks off?!

Kayla's wedding is a week from Saturday! EEEEEEKKKKK!!! I can't believe it. It's gotten here soo fast! It's been a very enjoyable time though. Everything's been very laid back and easy. Just the way a wedding should be. Last weekend, Kayla, Lindsey and myself went to Nashville for a Spa Day & shopping. I know understand why I've never been to Green Hills Mall. Simply put, I can't afford it. But it was nice to window shop. My personal fave was going into Tiffany & Co.  BEAUTIFUL! Then, we went to the Cheesecake Factory & it was all over from there.

The hospital I work at hosts a Celebrity Golf Tournament every year. (Click HERE to learn more.) This is THE week. Thursday & Friday, you'll find me on the golf course doing who knows what. I'm looking forward to it. I didn't participate last year because I felt like I was still so new that I wasn't really in a place to help, fast forward a year, and now, I know better, haha. I'm so there!

And as always, I'm loving these two hooligans with all my heart!

Yes, I'm still's what my floor looked like over the weekend. LOTS 'o green going on!

I have more EXCITING NEWS TO SHARE WITH YOU!!!! But, I'm going to let the craziness of these next 2 weekends pass before I tell what it is! It's pretty fab though...and I'm VERY excited about it!

It hit me on Friday the craziness my life has come to when I noticed I had not one, but 2 post-it notes of reminders in my car. My personal favorite that made me laugh after I saw what I actually wrote. "Order Mom." HA! I'm so sick of the current one....this year's model is so much better. Oh my.

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