Friday, August 19, 2011

Ben is 1...Part 2

Ben celebrated his big day 3 went a little something, like this....

 That concluded the BIG party. Wasn't it sooo CUTE! That Emilee, she's so crafty. After the party, it was back to the Wilson home and unload all his loot and celebrate again with leftovers and ice cream cake. But not just for Ben. For Ben, Ben's dad Chuck & myself. Becuase our birthdays are within a week of each other!
Ben enjoyed his smash cake more this go around than he did at the party. Less eyes on him. He. Let. Loose.

The next day, we had the Burton, Chaffin, Bohannon, Wilson family birthday lunch for Ben, Chuck, Lizzie....and me. I'm an honorary member of the family. Of which I am incredibly thankful!

Ben loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so such was the theme for party #3!

The birthday kids!!

Chuck, Emilee & Ben

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