Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ben is 1...Part 1

I have 2 actual nephews by blood and then I have another "nephew". Notice  the " ". Which would indicate that he is of no real relation other than he's the son of one of my best friends. Ben Wilson, is Chuck & Emilee's son and he just happened to turn 1 last week!

This post is about his birthday gift. I'll bet you'll NEVER guess what I gave him!!!


I mean, look at those colors!! Ok, so I had some inspiration. Emilee and I are planners. Simple as that. We love planning, we love organizing, we love things to match, we love lists. So it only made sense that she gave me this swatch to match about 8 months ago. No joke. We knew that far out what we wanted.
This turned out to be one of my all time favorites I've done and I had SERIOUS doubts when I started. Glad that went away! What a disaster that could've been. I don't know how long this will be displayed in his playroom, in my little head I like to think forever, but realistically, I know style will change and it will get neatly stored away in a tote in a closet or the garage. And I'm ok with that, because for right now, while this precious little boy is little, it'll be in his playroom.....and it will match perfectly!

So as you can tell...this says "Part 1"..."Part 2" will be Ben's 1st Birthday festivities...and yes I said festivities...plural. Wouldn't expect any less. Stay tuned!

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