Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Catching Up....

My name is Erica....and I am a horrible blogger. Of late at least.

I wear myself out with my own life...by myself. I do not know for the life of me how you mommies out there do it. God bless your precious hearts.

Ok, so since the last time...I had a birthday, Ann Marie moved away to start her college life, Kayla got married, I spent a weekend at my friend Angela's, started painting HARD.CORE, Riley started t-ball, I made a really great & easy peasy lasagna (IN THE CROCK POT!), my little "brother" John & his fiance Brittany had their first wedding shower, Emilee & I had a Girls' Day Shopping Spree, found out about a free Eric Church concert, and Em's hubby Chuck shot himself with a nail gun. (Pure accident of course.)

Still feel like reading?

1. My birthday. I've almost reached the ever oppressive "29 and holding" phase. Lord I dread next year because then I WILL be 29 and I'll be in fear of the number that comes after 29. Don't get me wrong, I am blessed, I am healthy, I am happy. Why is it we have such a hard time with 30?? I don't know, I've still got a couple years before I have to totally break down over it.

Look at that pose! What a heartbreaker. And yes, those are donuts on my cake!!! Because I have this slight obsession with Krispy Kreme. My dad ordered this for me! He's the BEST!

2. Ann Marie moved to Chattanooga to start at UTC. She's the first in our family to move away for college. We're blessed to have a great college in our hometown and most of us have stayed here and gone there. She's said for a long time that she would move away, so it wasn't a complete surprise when she decided to definitely do it. Nonetheless, she's not here and we miss her terribly, but through the marvels of modern technology, we communicate with her all the time and she is LOVING it! She'll do great!
3. Kayla got married. And it was a perfect day! A little warm, but what else do you expect for mid August in Tennessee?! It was a simple wedding, but it was beautiful! 
So I was the MOH...again. Last time, I forgot the most important task. I forgot the groom's ring. Yep, didn't even think about til I got all the way to church stage. We improvised that time. So the joke at this wedding was, "Erica! Don't forget the ring!" I didn't. If you look carefully, you can see it shoved onto 2 of my fingers. Then....we get to the next picture. I get up to the deck and the preacher mumbled, "Do you have his ring." I smiled and under my breath said (and pretty loud too) "Mmmm-hmmm" and we all got a little tickled.
Kayla....she was gorgeous. There just aren't any other words.

Kayla & Shawn are both Warren Co. natives and the wedding was in Coffee Co. In Southern Tennessee, they drink Sun Drop, like they drink water. I owe my love for Sun Drop to Kayla & her family. Sun Drop was a big deal at this wedding. There were cans....everywhere.

And....Here is my traditional picture for my future tell all memoir, "27 + 1 Dresses" Loved the green and HOT pink flowers. Great Summer color combo!

4. After the wedding, I drove a short distance to my friend Angela's house. She, her husband Nate & I went out to dinner then came back to their house to just hang out and catch up. On Sunday we went shopping and had lunch our traditional meal at a Red Lobster, and we looked at baby things, because they're expecting a little one in February..the end of February...and it's a leap year. I would wish on NO ONE ELSE IN THIS WORLD to have a Leap Day baby EXCEPT for Nate & Ang, it would truly be the most fitting thing for their personalities. Fingers crossed for Feb. 29 Baby Campbell! 

5. I started painting. I have alot of orders piling up so I attacked about 7 at one time. I think I'm getting a process down on these things.

6. Riley started "Fall Ball" in Algood again. I've not been able to make one of his games yet, but next week...I am so there to cheer on the team's BEST player all the players.

7. Saturday, was my day of rest. I had no plans at all and I kept every intention I had to make sure it stayed that way! I found a recipe online (this was before I started Pinterest, so I actually wrote it down instead of pinning it, so I have no idea what website I found it on) for Crock Pot Lasagna! Is that even possible?? Yep, it is...and it was really good too! I ended up having spur of the moment company and I just happen to have this and a nice big salad made so I fed my guests! It was a very nice dinner. (Which reminds me...there's a new group on FB Crock Pot Girls...look them up and "Like" them on there! There's lots 'o great recipes. They're working a website too!)

8. I have no brothers by blood, but my friend Amy's brother John has always been my "little brother". He's so cute. Anyways, he's all grown up now, a nurse in our hospital's CVICU unit and getting ready to marry a great girl, Brittany. Their first shower was on Sunday at the church that John grew up in and still attends with his family. As is becoming custom for me, here's my gift...

9. Emilee and I both took off work yesterday and had a much needed, much over-do Girls' Shopping trip day. We hit the stores at The Avenue in Murfreesboro and it was such a perfect day weather wise! Oh it was fabulous!! And we went to Target, naturally. Had lunch at Red Robin, shopped some more, found some great sales, and stopped by Sweet Cece's froyo before we left.

10. Eric Church is part of a free concert in downtown Nashville later on in September!! EEEEEEEEKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's all I have to say about that.

11. So I'm sitting at my desk this morning and get a text from Emilee, which is odd because normally she emails me during the day. It said, "Chuck's at the ER with a nail in his hand. Go to him. On my way." So I hurried up there expecting to find his hand wrapped in a towel or something covered in blood...nope, no blood. At all. I was a little disappointed. He was fine. Nail went straight through his finger. Xray showed it didn't even hit the bone so it should be able to slide right out. And it did because I watched the doctor do it. I was fascinated. (That's my dorky side coming out for sure.) They didn't even have to use any pliers, he just pulled that sucker right out. I took pictures on my phone, but figured they might be a little too graphic to put on here. Right before the doc started I asked, "Will anyone be offended if I video this?" The guy nurse in the room was like, "Dude..this is going on Facebook." We all laughed, so it was nothing too serious. However, as I write this, I bet all of his pain meds have worn off by now and he's probably hurting pretty bad. But at 9:30 this morning it was funny. I sent him a text message later this afternoon checking on him and told him that was by far the highlight of my day. He texted me back, "Me Too."

Oh...and I just had dinner with my grandparents for my grandpa's birthday. They're precious...but I've told you about them before, so I won't get into that again.

Annnnnnnd...that's about all I can think of right now. I feel better. I feel caught up. So we're good again, right?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Ben is 1...Part 2

Ben celebrated his big day 3 times....it went a little something, like this....

 That concluded the BIG party. Wasn't it sooo CUTE! That Emilee, she's so crafty. After the party, it was back to the Wilson home and unload all his loot and celebrate again with leftovers and ice cream cake. But not just for Ben. For Ben, Ben's dad Chuck & myself. Becuase our birthdays are within a week of each other!
Ben enjoyed his smash cake more this go around than he did at the party. Less eyes on him. He. Let. Loose.

The next day, we had the Burton, Chaffin, Bohannon, Wilson family birthday lunch for Ben, Chuck, Lizzie....and me. I'm an honorary member of the family. Of which I am incredibly thankful!

Ben loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so such was the theme for party #3!

The birthday kids!!

Chuck, Emilee & Ben

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ben is 1...Part 1

I have 2 actual nephews by blood and then I have another "nephew". Notice  the " ". Which would indicate that he is of no real relation other than he's the son of one of my best friends. Ben Wilson, is Chuck & Emilee's son and he just happened to turn 1 last week!

This post is about his birthday gift. I'll bet you'll NEVER guess what I gave him!!!


I mean, look at those colors!! Ok, so I had some inspiration. Emilee and I are planners. Simple as that. We love planning, we love organizing, we love things to match, we love lists. So it only made sense that she gave me this swatch to match about 8 months ago. No joke. We knew that far out what we wanted.
This turned out to be one of my all time favorites I've done and I had SERIOUS doubts when I started. Glad that went away! What a disaster that could've been. I don't know how long this will be displayed in his playroom, in my little head I like to think forever, but realistically, I know style will change and it will get neatly stored away in a tote in a closet or the garage. And I'm ok with that, because for right now, while this precious little boy is little, it'll be in his playroom.....and it will match perfectly!

So as you can tell...this says "Part 1"..."Part 2" will be Ben's 1st Birthday festivities...and yes I said festivities...plural. Wouldn't expect any less. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday Loves & Randomness

There are LOTS of wonderful things coming up...all of which I am soo excited about & looking forward to! (AND LOVING)

Let me start by saying HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to my "nephew" Ben Wilson!! I can't believe that my first blog post ever was almost this time last year and it was about his arrival into our world! It's absolutely flown by! He is loved.....probably waaaay to much, but is that really possible? His birthday bash is Saturday...definitely will be posting on that next week.

Couldn't you just pinch those little cheeks off?!

Kayla's wedding is a week from Saturday! EEEEEEKKKKK!!! I can't believe it. It's gotten here soo fast! It's been a very enjoyable time though. Everything's been very laid back and easy. Just the way a wedding should be. Last weekend, Kayla, Lindsey and myself went to Nashville for a Spa Day & shopping. I know understand why I've never been to Green Hills Mall. Simply put, I can't afford it. But it was nice to window shop. My personal fave was going into Tiffany & Co.  BEAUTIFUL! Then, we went to the Cheesecake Factory & it was all over from there.

The hospital I work at hosts a Celebrity Golf Tournament every year. (Click HERE to learn more.) This is THE week. Thursday & Friday, you'll find me on the golf course doing who knows what. I'm looking forward to it. I didn't participate last year because I felt like I was still so new that I wasn't really in a place to help, fast forward a year, and now, I know better, haha. I'm so there!

And as always, I'm loving these two hooligans with all my heart!

Yes, I'm still painting....here's what my floor looked like over the weekend. LOTS 'o green going on!

I have more EXCITING NEWS TO SHARE WITH YOU!!!! But, I'm going to let the craziness of these next 2 weekends pass before I tell what it is! It's pretty fab though...and I'm VERY excited about it!

It hit me on Friday the craziness my life has come to when I noticed I had not one, but 2 post-it notes of reminders in my car. My personal favorite that made me laugh after I saw what I actually wrote. "Order Mom." HA! I'm so sick of the current one....this year's model is so much better. Oh my.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Ila Mae Anderson

Although, I'm almost postive that she will never see this post because she's not a computer savvy granny, I'm still going to gush about my beautiful grandmother, Mrs. Ila Mae Anderson.

Last weekend, Ma turned 80 years old. Her mother, my great-grandma, Ma Pearlie, lived to be almost 101. She always told people that she'd like to live to be 100 if it wouldn't be too much trouble on everybody. Bless her. And she did.

To me, Ma is our family's rock. The finest example of a God fearing, Christian woman. I hope to only be half as wonderful as she is one day. She has taught us so much and raised so many. Not just my mom, aunt & uncle but several other grown adults from the community as she kept children in her home years ago before daycares were daycares.

Then there's us grandkids. We wouldn't trade her for ANYTHING in this world! You see, for me, Ma pretty much raised me when I was little. Once I started MDO, I'd go two days there and three at Ma's. Then school started, and Ma would pick me up afterwards or she'd be the one to come get me if I got sick. Both of my parents worked, my sister was enough older than me that she was several years ahead of me in school and had plans of her own or a job. So in the summers, I stayed at Ma & Pa's house; until I was old enough to stay at home by myself and even then, I spent most days at their house.

We have so many stories that we like to share about our grandparents...so many that we started a book a few years ago just so we'd always have them with us and be able to pass on to our next generations.

She is one-of-a-kind. She's honest and straight forward. She is always doing something of service for others. She is the best seamstress I know of. The most wonderful cook you will find. Answers the phone by saying, "Mmm..Hello?" She has the best sense of humor and laughs often at everything. When she gets really tickled, she gets all red and her eyes start to water and she'll eventually take off her glass to wipe the tears out. She's extremely active, but knows how to and when to take it easy. She is a loving, and faithful wife; takes care of her husband the way a wife should. I truly belive that they are best friends. They've been married 63 years and can sit for the longest time at the dinner table just the two of them and just talk talk talk. (Unless there's a Braves game..and then dinner is promptly wrapped up just in time for the first pitch.)

Now it seems like all birthday cards you get have money in them because people never really seem to know what to get you. Ma's cards, ALWAYS had money in them. When we were little before we could read, that's how we'd know the present we just opened was from Ma & Pa because of the money that fell out! I've saved all those cards, not sure why..but am really glad that I have. Just this past Christmas, she started cookbooks for the granddaughters and I will cherish that for the rest of my life.

When I moved out of my parents house (at age 25), my parents were completely supportive, my grandparents weren't as thrilled about it. They live about 5 minutes from my parents house and I was over there several days a week in and out doing stuff or to just visit. I think they didn't want to see me move 30 minutes in fear that I wouldn't be there as much. And truth be told, I've not been there as much, but we still have our regular phone calls. PHONE CALLS...that's another thing...don't call Ma unless you have some time on your hand, because she Will. Talk. Love her for it.

I'm very close with both of my grandparents but especially with Ma. She holds a very huge piece of my heart & always will. I think of her whenever I hear the passage from Proverbs about a virtuous woman's worth being far above rubies. Truer words never spoken. I am convinced there is a beautiful mansion in heaven with her and Pa's name on it....and it has a large, abundant vegetable garden. : ) However, my selfish side will tell you that I want them with me here on this Earth for as long as I am here. I cannot imagine my life without them. I know I probably shouldn't say that but as Ma says,  "Well, some people are just like that."

(bet you'll never guess which one's her...hahahaahaaa)

Love you Ma! Happy 80th!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


First of all, I'm fairly confident I've expressed my love of painting in black, red & white. So it goes without saying when I got an order for a ladybug theme canvas..I was pumped!

New customer, Christy Kinnard, ordered this one her granddaughter's birthday! Love this name!!

Christy has two more on the list and SOMEDAY, I will get to those and post them too. But that's a little ways down the road.

This past weekend, we celebrated our Grandmother's 80th birthday! She's so special to me & I just love her to pieces. The plan is to do a post later in the week, solely to her. She deserves more for sure, but this will be a start. She's so cute...I can't wait to tell you more about her!

This weekend we're celebrating Kayla's Bachelorette Day on Saturday in Nashville & Sunday it's back to Nashville for my cousin, Sarah's graduation from Vanderbilt with her Women's Health Nurse Practitioner degree..so proud of her! I'll post on both of those next week.

For now, stay as cool as you can, wear sunscreen & drink lots of fluids! THE HEAT IS ON!!!