Monday, July 25, 2011

"You're Only a Day Awaaaaaay"

Well folks, tomorrow is the glorious day I've been waiting for since March 24, 2009. (That was the last album release date...I know this because I saw him in concert that night!)

Eric Church's new album, "Chief" hits stores and the web TOMORROW!!!!!!!!

I saw on Facebook a friend of mine said it was like "freakin Christmas." Ha. Agreed.

Here are just a few pics from times I've seen him, which are getting to be too many to count!

This was album release night of "Carolina" at the Cannery Ballroom. Amazing!

These three are from a Chattanooga show, broken foot and all...still rocked it out!

And in Chattanooga again...only at a MUCH larger scale and farther away from the stage.

I just can't sit still!!! It's going to be pretty awesome. And I sure hope none of my co-workers mind me blasting this new album ALL day tomorrow!

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  1. So...what if I told you I have never heard an Eric Church song?