Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I'm Loving & A Sneak Peakers!

Hope everyone's enjoying this crazy HOT weather we're having.

Just another Southern Summer
Barefoot Blue Jean Night. : ) LOVE that song right now!

 I'm loving my job still. I get asked this alot, and yes, I truly do love what I do. CRMC is growing leaps and bounds and offers exceptional patient care. In fact, just today, we opened our doors to an Open House to show off our new Electrophysiology Lab (man, I hope I spelled that right). This is a HUGE deal for our hospital, our region & our state. We have one of the nation's leading physicians in this field and we're very excited about the services this new department will bring to our community.
 I'm loving Saturday already! Kayla & I are having a girls day to get ready for her wedding shower on Sunday!! Also excited about that day!

I'm loving blog design shopping. Stay tuned for that! I'll be rolling out a completely new blog in the coming weeks (possibly next couple of months depending on how soon the people get mine done). It's very exciting times!

I love that today is Krispy Kreme's Birthday! Had alot of friends share their comments on my Facebook wall today! Krispy Kreme has been my "birthday" cake for the last few years and it won't be this year because I KNOW I won't be in Nashville on that day like I have been. It makes my heart sad, but I still love them!

Tell me your mouth isn't watering right now!!!!
 I love that we're less than two weeks away from Eric Church's new album release!!! EEEEEEKKKKK!!!! I truly believe this one will sky rocket his career. Just glad I've been following him for several years now and not just now joining the bandwagon. I'm not a big fan of bandwagon followers. So...I think this week, next week and the week of the release I'll link up a Youtube video to one of my faves! This week's pick, the classic, "These Boots"...Enjoy!

And finally....a sneak peak for Ms. Helen!!! I can't wait to see this one all finished up! It still has a way to go so this is TRULY a sneak peak!!

 Happy Wednesday!!

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