Wednesday, July 27, 2011

There's These Two Boys....

I told you a couple weeks ago about this one....well, kind of. New customer (now a repeat customer..those are my favorites!) Helen Keisling, ordered this one for herself. The best gifts are the ones you give yourself..most of the time.

She had this quote and wanted to be able to display pictures of her sons on the canvas.

Seeing as how I just happen to know two little boys myself...this one was easy to fill in.

I'm sure it will be just as precious with pictures of her own boys!

Annnnd...then there's me when I got to work Tuesday morning after a quick run into Walmart to get the Eric Church cd. Yes, I do still buy cd's. RARELY do I download. I don't know, I just enjoy having a valid hard copy in my hand of an artists' blood, sweat & tears. I'm sure they'll be obsolete at some point, but for now, I buy cd's. 
Annnnd then, there's Amanda. She likes to dress up when we go to lunch. HA! 
Actually, today is her birthday & a bunch of us from work went to El Tap. Yummmmm!! 
Happy Birthday Amanda!!

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