Friday, July 22, 2011

Let's Play You're in Jail & The Green Stuff in Riley's Hair

Riley has this little "game" if you will that he plays with me. He will come up to me and whisper, "Eurca, (prononuced Urrrr-kah) can we play you're in jail?" Or "Eurca, can we play your in jail and me tie you up?"

He asks this no less than 157 times every time I see him.

We have NO clue where he got this from. And he ONLY asks me. He never mentions playing jail or tying anyone else up but me. Flattering, eh?

Typically I say tell him no followed by some random excuse for why I don't want to play jail or be tied up. Or I'll ask him, "What are you going to tie me up with?" Last night's response, "Nothing........(long awkward pause with him darting his eyes around)..........but maybe my bear rope." "What's a bear rope?" "I don't know."

Or one night during church, "Eurca, can you take that necklace off so I can tie you up with it?" "No." "Why?" "Because it's very expensive." "Oh....well, you should've told me that!"

The kid's a hoot and a half.

So the deal we made a few weeks ago was "I'll let you tie me up if you let me put gel in your hair." "Ok, put we have to play 2 times." "Deal."

He remembers EVERYTHING that EVER happens.....EVER.

Last night, "Eurca, can you put that green stuff in my hair?" "What??" "That green stuff in the bathroom." "OH!! that hair gel..yeah, let's go!"


Then we played "You're in jail."

As promised last week, my Eric Church song pick of the week is “Carolina”. Click here to listen. The countdown continues…4 days!
Happy HOT Friday Y’all!

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