Monday, July 11, 2011

International Flair & A Good Deal

Ok, I'm not much of a promoter for any brand or product unless I am just teenage girl head over heels IN LOVE with it. I am giggly in love with Snapfish! I'm not sure why. Probably because they have awesome deals and randomly send me emails to remind me. Not the irritating emails like some other brands that shall rename nameless but GOOD emails. Ones that catch my attention and make me open them instead of just deleting them without giving them a second look. WAY TO GO SNAPFISH MARKETING DEPARTMENT!! JOB WELL DONE!
For instance 99 prints for $0.99!!!!! Can you really beat that?!?! Um...I don't think so. I'd welcome you to show me differently in which case I will gladly retract my over the top praise of Snapfish.

Guess we know what I'll be doing tonight! Uploading and ordering 99 photos. And other stuff too, but this will certainly be a highlight! WOOT!

 NEVER did I imagine the day when I would get an order that would find its home in another country and certainly not on the other side of the world!!! Low and happened! I was BESIDE myself!

New customer, Cheri McCormick (soon to be grandma to Carter David from an earlier post) ordered this for her niece as a wedding gift. The couple met in the Philippines, will marry there and make their home there.

So the next time you decide to go half way across the world, look up the Lopinas in a phone book and go visit! And for goodness sake puuuuhhhhhhhhleeeeeeease send me a picture.

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