Monday, July 18, 2011

German Wedding...(at least I think it's German)

Just as I finished up the Philippines wedding order....I get an email with a bunch of gibberish that's supposedly German. So, we'll go with that....German, right?

New customer, Helen Keisling, ordered this for her cousin wedding. His soon-to-be wife is German and this wording was on the invitation...
Now, I don't know a lick of German..never claimed to. A shock to most of you, I'm sure. Ha. But apparently, this means something like "Happiness is love, he who loves is happy." Or something like that. German, right? Google translated it like this:  "Luck is love is love nothing else who can happily" - so obviously, it's one of those words are in the wrong places kind of language.
Basically, I still don't know exactly what this piece says that I painted. Probably not the best practice to follow, but hey.

All that being said, I welcome any readers to offer up their translations of this. Leave a comment & let me know! It'd be informative to know what I painted. But, German, right?

Thanks for the first German order Mrs. Helen!! She's got another order coming up soon, so check back in for that one later on.

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