Monday, June 6, 2011


Well...not really...only in canvas are these twins. Bummer, huh? But these two babies are both due within weeks of each other and both babies first names start with "C" and middle names start with "D". Coincidence?!?!

My sister & her MIL ordered this one...obviously for Miss Callie Danielle...I'm quite partial to the Danielle part since I'm a Danielle too. : )  

It was difficult to decide on what colors to use because I personally did not know the people receiving this canvas or know what colors they were doing their nursery in, so I figured it's a girl, surely I can't go wrong in using pinks, right? Hope so!

The boy version of this design was a tad easier because I did know the people getting it and did my research first to find out what colors they were going with.

ORANGE BROWN AND BLUE!!!!!! How FUN is that?!!

I'm so excited for Josh & Megan!!! They're an awesome couple
and will make GREAT parents to this little boy!!

Didn't these turn in just sooo stinkin' cute!! I can't stand it!

Who knows maybe Carter & Callie will find their way back to each other one day....just sayin'. Has a cute ring to it doesn't it? "Carter & Callie". Precious!!

Best Wishes to the Swangers & Geren families on your upcoming additions!!!!

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