Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Love Is In The Air

I know a thing or two about weddings. I've been in a few. And by few I'm talking double digits. CRAZY, right? I am almost the last single girl I know...but, I am MORE than ok with that...for now. I'm sure it will change.

My friend Kayla is getting married in August and I am the maid of honor. I've had this honor a few times before and have managed to only screw up once. And it was a doozy!! First lesson you learn in MOH school...the importance of holding on to the groom's ring until the preacher asks for it....yeah, that was me on the stage whispering to the preacher as the bride walked down the aisle, "Mike, I don't have the ring." Simple as that. Just shrugged my shoulders as his face went from great big smile to sheer panic. It all worked out though. They got married, I went and retrieved the ring right after the ceremony and the groom was wearing it before the receiving line started at the reception. Lesson learned.

So today, we went dress shopping for myself and the other bridesmaid. I think we narrowed it down to 3...but this is the one I'm leaning towards. This one is also a contender...and the third one was straight out of the box of a new's not even on their website yet, so no sneaky peak there. What do you think??  I'll leave the color a surprise...I love it though! We have a few weeks to definitely make up our minds before we have to order! Would love to hear some of your opinions!!

My friend Julie from Capture Photography called me about doing a LAST minute bridal shower gift...and because it was her, I couldn't say no!! This is what we ended up with and I heard through the grapevine that the bride-to-be loved it!! YAY!!!

(Photographer's Disclaimer: I took these pics on the back deck early one, don't mind the glare.)

This color combo turned out great! The white &  red just POPPED against that black background. Great choice, Julie!


  1. hmmm...wonder who's wedding that was? What a gracious, wonderful, awesome bride to not let that ruin the day. I bet she is a peach!!

  2. Beh, she's alright. :)

  3. THANK YOU ERICA! You are the best!!! I have been so busy with pics I got behind on your blog so I am glad I am now up to date! Although you didn't blog about the cute Sun Drops I found you at Wal-Mart....hahaha ;)