Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Looks Like...

I recently ran across this photo. It was taken back in December and I immediately started tearing up. It is of my grandpa and my nephew, which would make Pa, Colin's great grandpa.

I tear up because I see what a wonderful man my grandpa is. A loving father, a fun grandfather, a devoted husband, an humble servant of our Heavenly Father. I see all my 27 years spent with him and see Colin's 2 years with him so far. I wish with all my heart I could stop time just so I could keep my grandparents forever; so that the great grandchildren can enjoy them and be loved by them as much as we have been. My Ma & Pa are truly the foundation of our family. I see my grandpa enjoying his life in its later stages and I see my nephew just starting his. I see how tightly Colin is holding on to his bear and how tightly Pa is holding onto Colin...I see love. If you are blessed enough to have any of your grandparents still living in this world, run to them and love on them! Call & check on them as often as you can. Visit with them as often as you can. Listen to them. The advice they have to offer you, while it might seem irrelevant or possibly not even make since at all, will one day be the most valuable wisdom you could ever inherit. This makes me happy.

Then, there's the great grandkids or simply "the boys" as we refer to them; and Lorelei, she's our little girl..next year she'll be big enough to be sitting with this crowd of terrors. Sammy, the one in the white shirt, is actually a grand not a great; but with him being closer in age to the great...he fits with them also. I see happy in their faces (except for maby Colin...he wasn't exactly cooperative that day). I see them sitting on our grandparents' back porch & think of the many years the rest of us have spent in that very spot. I see our family, our wonderful family, in each of their faces. This makes me happy.

Then there's the simplest of simple things......
a random picture message from my friend Julie one day.

Mini Sun Drops at Walmart for $0.50!! It was quite possibly the best text I've ever recevied and certainly was a life changing moment for that day. I laughed when I opened the message because she saw a mass of Sun Drops AND THOUGHT OF ME; she's the greatest! This makes me happy.

So whatever makes YOU happy...(as long as its legal and would make God smile too)...do it. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. You might just find more things that make you happy along the way.

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