Sunday, April 17, 2011

Growing up is for the birds!

I'm currently in the car buying market. I've been driving for 12 years now and have had 2 cars both of which my parents purchased. While my current car does indeed get me from Point A to Point B, I don't know if it would get me to C should I ever have to go that far. Know what I mean? I'm in that place where there's something going wrong with it every month, or lately every other is the money I'm putting into it worth it? I've about convinced myself that it is not and therefore, I'm car shopping. I also want the best bang for my buck; and sadly, that's hard to come by right now. Because I'm slightly frugal with my expenses which is making this whole process harder and WAY more worrisome than I anticipated and probably more so than it should be. Plus the fact, that I've never had to do this before on my own! God, please be with me, any carsalesmen within a 100 mile radius, my insurance guy and my banker. Amen.

Here are two Easter goodies that I whipped up as donations for a recent benefit. Again, I'm not the biggest fan of Easter, but I do adore how these colors turned out!

And this one, may just rank high up on my list of all time favorites that I've done. I really had NO plan for this one when I painted it turquoise. Then, one morning I woke up it just hit me. So I gave it a whirl and LOVE the results!!

And because these were being picked up at work, I displayed them in my office that day. For a few hours, it was a bright & cheerful place. (However, my blue office is plenty bright on its own!! I picked that color out for my walls so no complaints here!)

Gotta run & get to work. My Order list has grown in the past couple weeks as you can see on the right hand side and I'm behind once again. Funny how just a month or so ago I was thinking "Maaan...I really wish I'd get an order so I can't paint something new!"

Ask & ye shall receive.

Happy Sunday to all!

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