Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Buy a New Car...check. Finish Three Orders...almost check.

In between buying a new car this week...(Yes, I finally did!! My hands were shaking when I signed all those papers. Seriously, they were and I was sick to my stomach all day going back and forth on the phone with the dealer about all the financing stuff, and had a horrible headache the night before from all my worrying....Whew! Glad it's over with. Well almost; I have to make one more trip back tomorrow to pick up my new tags..then "hopefully" Friday will be my first day this week without having to stop by there. Who knew buying a car was such a process?!), I'm working on three paintings. I CANNOT wait to show the finished products to you!!!

Here are sneak peeks of works in progress.

All three are for little there is a common thread. Can't wait to finish them all up & see how they turn out!!

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